Pollution and health

Air pollution and health


Current situation

Industrial pollution aside, the air in cities is polluted mainly with car exhaust and dust. In particular, demolition and construction work has filled cities with dust.

This urban dust, together with exhaust fumes, causes mainly respiratory diseases and predisposes human beings to chronic bronchitis and even bronchopulmonary cancer in the long term. Under these conditions, the frequency of respiratory infections and respiratory allergies also increases.

In recent years, demolition and construction have become sources of dust and pollution. We have also seen a reduction of green space in cities lately, with parks being reduced to small green areas in cities.

This lack of understanding of the link between modern urban planning and the need to maintain the health of people in cities has led to developments that have a negative impact on the health of city dwellers. There are also few pedestrian-only circulation spaces or cycle paths.

The danger of polluting vehicles

There is no denying that the car is necessary. It is interesting that some people, particularly poets and visionaries by vocation, have also suspected the existence of the negative side of the automobile from the beginning.

Ina stanza from aa poem by Osip Wandelstam, a poet from Petersburg in Tsarist Russia there is the following remark:

Rushing cars cross the fog,

While! The dignified and shorn pedestrian

Bizarre Yevgeny - he curses his life,

Gasoline smoke inhaled while walking.

How can we protect our health?

We can prevent this unfortunate development by protectingparks, planting trees, especially climbing vines, to cover empty walls, banning the burning of rubbish in open spaces, promoting pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The local government is responsible for washing streets and repairing roadways.

The snow on the streets of towns and cities soon takes on a dirty appearance, soaked with dust like a sponge. This dirty snow should be thrown down the drain and not shovelled into the middle of the street, where it melts and dries, returning large quantities of dust to the atmosphere, which is actually a toxic and even carcinogenic agent that will end up in the lungs of city dwellers.

Your health also depends on the air you-We breathe it, and the quality of this air is usually, especially lately, much worse than that of the water.