Microwave oven



What prompted the Soviet Union to ban the sale and use of microwaves in 1976? Who invented the microwave oven and for what purpose? What is its operating principle?

These are just some of the questions that we will seek to answer in the exposition that follows. The information about this technology will shock you so much that, if you own even one of these devices, you will not only be motivated to get rid of it, but you will want to make sure it is not used by any other human being and simply throw it away.


Nowadays, many Romanians' kitchens are equipped with at least one microwave. In fact, few people don't have one, let alone restaurants, fast-food outlets and even kitchens set up in company premises where a microwave is a staple. The fact that it's cheap, easy to use and gets the job done in a seemingly clean and fast way is a strange added value of this kitchen appliance. Few people know that these appliances are extremely harmful to health. Although the governments of many countries are aware of this cruel reality, they do not, however, take the initiative to ban the sale of this technology that spreads terrible diseases among the population.


Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, like radio waves, and occupy part of the electromagnetic power or energy spectrum, being very short waves (hence the name) travelling at the speed of light. In Western (economically developed) society, microwaves are used in long-distance telephony, television programmes, the internet, satellites, etc. But for many of us, they are just a concept for cooking or heating food quickly.
Each microwave oven is equipped with a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are affected by magnetic and electric fields in such a way that they produce microwave radiation at a frequency of about 2,450 MHz. This radiation interacts with molecules in food, affecting them not only thermally. All waves change polarity from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave. In the case of microwaves, this change occurs millions of times per second. Food molecules, especially water molecules, have a positive and a negative pole, like magnets which have a north-south polarity.
In the commercial version, these ovens have a power of 1000 watts. When the microwaves generated by the magnetron bombard the food, they cause the polar molecules to rotate at the same frequency millions of times per second. All this agitation creates molecular friction, which has the side effect of heating the food. But friction is also the cause of much damage to surrounding molecules, which will be destroyed, broken or forcibly deformed.
In comparison, the microwaves generated by the Sun are based on the principles of pulsed direct current, which does not create heat through friction. In contrast, microwaves generated by ovens use alternating current, which creates heat through friction. In this case, the wave energy focuses on a single narrow frequency in the energy spectrum, whereas the Sun's energy operates over a very wide frequency spectrum. While solar heat comes progressively from the outside in, in the case of microwaves in furnaces, the heat comes from the inside out. Perhaps this explanation is a bit too technical or scientific, but we need to know how something we use works.


Sadly, more and more young mothers are using microwaves to warm up their babies' milk. For many of them, it's a quick and easy method, not realising that the few minutes gained can actually seriously and irreversibly damage their babies' health. In an article published in 1989 in one of the most respected medical journals, the Lancet, Dr Lita Lee says: "Microwaved baby food converts certain trans amino acids into synthetic cis isomers. Synthetic isomers are not biologically active. Moreover, one amino acid, L-proline, is converted to D-isomer, which is known to be a neurotoxin (poison to the nervous system) and also a nephrotoxin (poison to the kidneys).
The fact that babies are not breastfed is already a problem for the child's mental balance, and the fact that it is fed with "synthetic milk, which has been turned into poisonous food by microwaves". A much safer way would be to heat the container of milk under the hot water stream of the sink or in a pot of hot water on the stove, occasionally testing the temperature of the liquid in the container. The few extra minutes gained by heating in the microwave are not worth the risk to children. Another danger is that microwaves don't heat food evenly, so some parts are hotter and others colder. There have been cases where babies have had their lips burnt because mothers tested the temperature in a colder part.


In 1991, there was a trial in Oklahoma, USA, in which a hospital used microwave-heated blood for a transfusion. A patient, Norma Levitt, following hip surgery, received a transfusion of microwave-heated blood from a nurse. Following the transfusion, the patient died. This tragedy proves that microwave heating has far more dangerous effects than we think. Blood for transfusions is heated in some situations, but never in microwaves.
In the above case, the blood was altered so that it caused death. It is clear that heating food in this way alters the nutrients contained in it, turning them into substances foreign to the body, and when we feed ourselves on heat-processed food via microwaves, we ingest all these "false nutrients". Because our body is by nature electrochemical, any force that disrupts this electrochemical balance will certainly affect the physiology of the body in a major way.


In a 1992 study published in the journal Raum & Zelt, called A Comparative Study of Conventional and Microwave Prepared Food, the authors state, "A simple hypothesis of traditional medicine says that introducing molecules and energies into the human body that it is not accustomed to is very likely to do more harm than good.
Microwaved food contains both molecules and energies that are not present in food cooked the traditional way, i.e. over a fire. Microwave energy from the sun and stars is based on direct current. Artificially produced microwaves, including those in these ovens, are produced by alternating current and force polarity reversal millions of times per second in every molecule of the food they touch. The production of unnatural molecules is inevitable. Naturally occurring amino acids have been observed to undergo isomeric changes into toxic forms under the influence of microwaves in these ovens."


Dr Hans Ulrich Hertel, who is now retired, worked as a food researcher for one of Switzerland's leading food companies, whose food products are distributed globally. A few years ago, he was fired for questioning certain procedures used to prepare food that altered its nutrients.
In 1991, Dr Hertel and a professor from the University of Lausanne published a study showing that microwave-cooked food poses greater health risks than conventionally prepared food. Also, in 1992, an article appeared in Franz Weber No. 19 pointing out that microwaved food has carcinogenic effects on the blood. Dr Hertel is the first scientist to carry out a rigorous, expert study of the effects of nutrients subjected to microwave radiation on the blood and physiology of the human body. His small but well-documented study demonstrated the degenerative force of microwaves on food. The scientific conclusion was that cooking food in the microwave alters the nutrients in the food, causing harmful transformations in the bloodstream of those who eat the food, leading to metabolic imbalances in the body fed such food.
The study was done with Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and in collaboration with the University Institute of Biochemistry, also in Switzerland. At intervals of 2 to 5 days, volunteers participating in the study were given one of the following food choices on an empty stomach: (1) raw milk; (2) the same conventionally cooked milk; (3) pasteurised milk; (4) the same raw milk heated in a microwave oven; (5) raw vegetables from an organic farm; (6) the same conventionally cooked vegetables; (7) the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in a microwave oven; and (8) the same vegetables cooked in a microwave oven. After the volunteers were isolated, blood samples were taken from them before they ate, and then further blood tissue samples were taken at intervals after eating the foods in question.
Significant harmful changes have been found in blood collected from those who ate food cooked in the microwave. These mainly affected haemoglobin, cholesterol (especially the ratio of HDL to LDL) and lymphocytes. Haemoglobin and lymphocyte levels fell, and leukocyte and cholesterol levels rose. All these recorded values indicated the degenerative effect that microwaves have on the human body. A luminescent (light-emitting) bacterium was introduced to detect energy changes in the blood. When the bacterium was cultured on blood tissue samples taken from individuals who had eaten food prepared in the microwave oven, a significant multiplication of bacteria was found. This led Dr Hertel to conclude that such harmful energies are picked up by humans through the ingestion of microwave-altered food.
Of all natural substances, which are polar, microwaves interact most rapidly with oxygen in water molecules. Thus they have disastrous effects on food, producing violent friction in the water molecules they contain. This phenomenon is totally inadvisable for food preparation, as in the traditional way heat is transmitted from the outside to the inside. The same violent change that occurs in the molecules of food prepared with microwaves also occurs in the human organisms that are subjected to them. But these ovens also produce other components, called radiolytics, which are created by molecular decomposition as a direct result of radiation.
Microwave manufacturers insist that food prepared with microwaves does not have significantly higher levels of radiolytic components compared to conventionally prepared food. But from the information presented above we think it is pretty clear that this claim is a lie. It's like McDonalds saying that Big Macs are no more harmful to health than Grandma's meatballs.
Following studies looking at the harmfulness of microwaves, questions are being raised that raise suspicions. Why are there no studies funded by the major appliance companies, pharmaceutical companies or major manufacturers of semi-prepared foods, carried out in other countries such as the USA? Why are the concerns of these companies focused on how to handle these devices rather than on their direct effects on the health of the beings who have purchased or use such appliances?
For those in control of the world, and therefore of people's health, disclosing the truth about the harmful effects on the population would be like unleashing an avalanche on a snowy slope. The moment people wake up and realise that they have been knowingly and organised lied to and poisoned for so many years, they will become suspicious of the information provided by governments subservient to big business and demand clear answers. But this must be avoided at all costs! Their aim is for people to become completely ignorant, sick and lacking in energy, willpower and enthusiasm, so that all their desperate efforts are channelled into survival and they have no time to ask such questions, to investigate and find out the truth, and so continue to consume the expensive and beautifully packaged poisons.


When Drs Hertel and Blanc published their results, the Swiss authorities reacted swiftly. An influential trade organisation in Switzerland, the Swiss Association of Distributors of Domestic and Industrial Appliances, forced the President of the Court of Sftigen, Bern, in 1992 to issue a restraining order against the two courageous researchers. In 1993, Dr Hertel was convicted of "interfering with trade" and banned from publishing the rest of his results, i.e. the full study. However, Hertel was undeterred and fought for many years to overturn this outrageous decision. Finally, in 1998, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg reversed the decision, ruling that an abuse had been committed against Dr Hertel in 1993.


A few years ago, when he was in 6th grade, a brave and therefore admirable young man from Cluj, who is now over the age of majority, carried out an experiment as part of a science project at his school. The young man, named Na'im Zerbes, and a close friend, found 12 volunteers willing to participate in his experiment. He gave them raw vegetables, conventionally prepared vegetables and microwaved vegetables to eat for three days at a time.
He then analysed each volunteer's urine, collected on the morning immediately after the experiment took place, and pieced the data together. Of course, the results proved that the urine summation only approached normal values when the volunteers ate uncooked food, and when they ate microwaved food, the composition of their urine approached pathological values, and all this only after three days! With this project, young Na'im Zerbes, a distance learning student registered at a school in Canada (his mother is a Canadian citizen and his father a Romanian citizen), won first prize in the country in a competition called the Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair.


Opinions are divided as to the origin of the invention of the microwave. On the one hand, the invention is attributed to an American, Dr Percy Spencer, who in 1946, while experimenting with radar technology, observed, supposedly by chance, how food in the vicinity was heating up. On the other hand, it is attributed to an Englishman, Leonard Gföllner, but there is a third interesting hypothesis, namely that it was designed by the Nazis as a technology designed to feed, not to kill. During their invasion of Russia, the Germans would have created these ovens, the advantages of which were that they solved many of the problems of preparing food quickly for large groups of people in a very short time, as well as saving fuel for cooking.
After the war, the Allies - the Americans, British and Russians - found this German medical research, confiscated it and classified it as a state secret. While in America, after the so-called invention of the microwave oven, its widespread commercialisation brought billions into the accounts of the big concerns, in Russia, it was banned outright, and following the tests they had carried out, the Russians even issued an international warning about the dangers, both biological, relating to human health, and environmental.


In her book, Health Effects of Microwave Radiation, and in several issues of Earth Letter magazine, Dr. Lita Lee states that microwaves emit electromagnetic radiation, alter the nutrients in food, and turn nutrients in food into toxic and even carcinogenic products. Other research cited in these sources has concluded that these devices are far more dangerous than previously thought. Research shows that foods intended for quick, microwaveable preparation contain toxic elements released from the plastic pots and packaging in which they must remain during preparation (Wall Street Journal, 12 Oct. 1998). A series of studies in Russia have concluded that carcinogens are formed in all microwaved foods, although no food has been kept in the machine longer than necessary. Here are some of the results of research carried out in Russia:

Microwaved meat contains diethanolamide (a known carcinogen);
In the case of microwaved milk and cereals, some of the amino acids are converted into carcinogens;
Microwave thawing of frozen fruit turns glucose and galactose into carcinogens;
Short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables to microwaves transforms the alkaloids they contain into carcinogens.
The Russian researchers also observed an acceleration of the structural degradation of food and a decrease of nutrients in food. Thus, through exposure to microwaves, food lost between 60 and 90% of its nutritional value.

They have also been observed:

Loss of bioavailability of vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E complexes;
Loss of essential minerals as well as lipotropic agents in all foods tested;
Deterioration of some plant substances such as alkaloids, glucosides, etc.;
Degradation of nucleoproteins in meat.


Water, the essential element of life, is affected most rapidly and in the most damaging way to the human body by microwaves. It is the most sensitive element to interaction with these waves and is therefore irreparably damaged and degraded. A simple experiment was carried out: over a seed planted in soil or cotton wool, heated water was poured for 2 minutes in a microwave oven. That seed did not sprout. It's a simple experiment that can be done at home by anyone. The conclusion: water loses its life-giving properties when exposed to microwaves. When you consider that humans are made of70% water, you can imagine the effect this radiation has on the human body.


You may have heard about the danger of these ovens emitting radiation even when they are not switched on. Admittedly, this risk was greater with older models, but newer models are more efficient and more rigorously tested. The fact is that, with any model, whether older or newer, these radiation emissions occur, even in a passive state, and have even been noted by specialist institutions, but the consumer population is assured that they are not dangerous quantities. Since exposure to radiation decreases the further away we are from the microwave oven, it is suggested that we keep a fair distance from it during operation.
The safety systems required in the manufacture of microwaves are carefully monitored. They must have two independent sub-systems to stop operation if the door opens accidentally and a further monitoring system to stop operation if the two shut-off systems fail.
With all these measures, we should believe we are safe.
But as one non-profit organization, Powerwatch, says: "Even if the microwave is working properly, radiation levels in the kitchen are elevated and even higher than those emitted from a nearby cell phone station.
Remember also that microwaves will pierce walls if the appliances are stuck to them." There are claims that a single microwave stuck to a kitchen wall can irradiate all the flats in the building.
Research has revealed that even if we stand within a step of the oven, we are exposed to a significant amount of radiation. So for those who have such an appliance, it is preferable not to stay near it for too long, especially pregnant women and children. Also, because the eyes are very sensitive to radiation from microwaves, there is a great danger of cataracts.


1) Those who eat food prepared in the microwave oven for a long time will suffer from irrecoverable neurological disorders (short-circuiting of electrical impulses, depolarisation and demagnetisation of nerve tissue);
2) The human body cannot metabolise unknown elements resulting from microwaving food;
3) Hormone secretion is disrupted or even stopped in both women and men;
4) The by-products of microwave food preparation are residual (long-term, permanent) to the human body;
5) Minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in microwaved food are destroyed or altered so that the human body cannot benefit from them, and even more, can be poisoned by them;
6) Minerals in vegetables are turned into free radicals when vegetables are microwaved, increasing the risk of cancer;
7) Microwaved food causes intestinal and stomach tumours. This may explain the worrying increase in colon cancer in the US, where 90% of the population uses such an appliance for fast food preparation;
8) Prolonged consumption of food subjected to microwave radiation leads to the multiplication of cancer cells in human blood;
9) Continuous consumption of microwaved food causes serious immune deficiencies, disruption of lymph gland secretion and blood alteration;
10) Consumption of this type of food causes impaired memory function and concentration, emotional imbalances and even decreased intelligence;
11) Uncontrolled radiation leakage can quickly cause leukaemia and cataracts;