Colour rules ina certain meaning to the whole of nature, and for us humans, colours identify with life itself. There is an intimate, unseen connection between colours and our inner life, mental and psychological.

The psychological effects of colours have been demonstrated in recent years by many specialists. Thus red is an active, dynamic colour, generating enthusiasm, orange awakens cheerfulness and good humour, green has a calming effect, dark grey generates sadness and monotony.

Colours influence our physiology in unsuspected ways. Pulse, blood pressure and even body temperature change under the influence of colours. The world of colour has an impact on our clothing, our diet, and is directly involved in interior decoration, architecture, design, medicine and science.

In order to keep itself in a state of balance, the human psyche needs the full range of colour shades that nature provides. Colours can be used wisely by those who know their effects to generate a beneficial, stenic state of joy, happiness, happiness, humour, enthusiasm or detachment.

Used wisely, colours can help restore a disturbed energy balance. Well-chosen colours can make a beneficial contribution to restoring balance to a suffering human being, bringing about beneficial changes at a physiological, psychological and mental level.