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Registration for Ayurveda course AMN-Romania study year October 2023 - July 2024

Ayurveda Ayush Cell Romania & AMN-Romania courses are conducted online.

For information on how to apply and the conditions of participation, please contact 0749.079.619 or 0745.098.911.

Registration for the Ayurveda courses, year of study 2023 - 2024, is done on the website ayushcell.ro/cursayurveda in two steps:

  • one-time payment of 60 ron required for registration - Ayurveda Course Registration, October 2023 - July 2024".
  • payment of participation for October 2023

Presentations can be viewed on the platform ZOOM every Friday from 29 September 2023 at 18.00 and participation in the course is payable from October.

The ZOOM link required for participation will be sent by email every Friday only to those who have paid for the course.

Details on the topics to be discussed in detail during the course can be found in the section Topics covered.

For further information or details on registration, participation, how to participate, please use the form below. We will analyse the information received and reply as soon as possible.

Form to request additional information about the Ayurveda course:

Frequently asked questions: 

  • How and when does the course take place?

The course takes place online, once a week, every Friday at 18:00. There will also be the possibility of rehearsals. Written courses are also offered with the material presented. 

  • What is the value of the course participation fee?

The course fee is 180 lei and is payable monthly starting in October.

  • Can only doctors participate or other people interested in this field of knowledge?

This course is open to anyone interested regardless of professional background.

  • How long does the course last?

The Ayurveda course is structured in modules in which several branches of Ayurveda are studied in turn. This way we can study Ayurveda either for a few months or even several years, depending on how much we want to deepen our knowledge of this traditional tradition.


  • Systematic exposition of fundamental traditional teachings about life, based on the authentic writings of AYURVEDA, carried out in this course inan original and unique way, which is always updated to the needs of modern man's life.
  • Detailed presentation and description of human constitutional typologies, with multiple immediate applications in everyday life in many current fields.
  • Presentation of natural practical ways of constitutional harmonization, specific to the AYURVEDA system: natural nutrition, wise use of medicinal and aromatic plants, chromotherapy, melotherapy, acupressure, simple ways of self-massage, etc.
  • Exposure to traditional ways of rejuvenation, revitalization and regaining erotic tone-amorous, as well as body purification, all of which are achieved through the use of natural means, based mainly on the use of plants with healing or aphrodisiac properties
  • Description of the many beneficial effects of medicinal and aromatic plants, both Romanian and Indian, together with the presentation of new and very effective practical ways of using them.

Course frequency:

Weekly lessons of 2.5 hours.

Course structure:

The basic structure of an AMN Ayurveda course is adapted according to triplet theory - practical applications - seminar.

The syllabus of the various Ayurveda course topics is structured on sections. These sections are usually covered in the weekly Ayurveda course system during a school year starting in September and continuing until July of the following calendar year.

Depending on the choices of some participants, the pace can be adapted to the specific study possibilities. Emphasis is placed on a fruitful dialogue between lecturer and learners.

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