Flower therapy uses highly diluted flower essences to act on the emotional states of the individual. Its aim is to improve psycho-affective and relational life, promote well-being, prevent illness and stimulate healing.

Edward Bach (1886-1935) and-dedicated his life to discovering a simple healing method applicable to all diseases. S-focused specifically on immunology, then and-has been studying bacteriology. Becoming aware that the same treatment does not always cure the same disease, he deduced that the patient's personality is more important than the symptoms. The patient's attitude to life seems to be the determining factor in the effectiveness of a therapy, a theory that Bach had the opportunity tocheck it on himself.

In 1917, Dr. i-said he had cancer and only had three months to live. The idea of not-and could finish the opera l-obsessed. As such, and-devoted all his time to his study, day and night, and found that his health was improving, which made himhas led to the conclusion that a devouring focus, a precise goal are important happiness factors and incentives in fighting the disease.

In the 1920s1930, Bach studied homeopathy and plants. Increasingly convinced that nature could provide effective remedies, he developed the first three flower remedies. At the same time, observation of his patients enabled him to develop his theory of psychological groups.

Between 1930-1935, inventoried 38 negative states of mind that are the origin of diseases. He chose 37 flowers to correspond to them. The 38-lea elixir is an extremely pure spring water reputed for its therapeutic properties.

It has published several booklets, including Vindeca-yourself in 1930 and The 12 healers and other remedies. He died in November 1935, aware that and-has accomplished its mission: the discovery of a coherent, safe and affordable therapeutic system. -


Floritherapy proposes to treat the whole being. Health implies harmony between body and spirit and the need for good understanding between human beings. Negative states of mind, such as hatred, jealousy, envy, anger, fear, lack of trust, ignorance, etc., weaken vital energy and prepare the ground for illness.

The English physician Edward Bach, the creator of this therapy in the 1930s, described 38 negative moods, which he-classified into 7 categories of emotional states, preventing the person from living fully. To the 38 moods correspond 38 flower-based elixirs, designed to transform an emotion of suffering intoone of quality, e.g. hatred in goodwill, and thus to discover wholeness, which will help to heal diseases.


Flower essences are used mainly to prevent illness by relieving indisposition. You will thus act on negative thoughts, which weaken your immune system.

You can use this method to complement the treatment of chronic diseases such as arthrosis, hypertension, allergies, etc., psycho-affective disorders (anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, depression...) or behavioural disorders (aggressiveness, passivity...). There is also a 39-the elixir, the emergency remedy for treating physical or mental shock.

Some manufacturers propose new elixirs, presented in the same way as the others, and adapted, as they say, to the sufferings of modern society: drug addiction, stress, discomfort, loss of reference points, loss of values, contestation, individualism, etc. However, the 38 traditional elixirs cover these situations perfectly.


There are no contraindications to the elixirs as they have no side effects. If you chose the wrong elixir, no harm will come to you.

Given the way they are prepared, the elixirs contain no trace of chemicals, so they are unlikely to cause allergies.


At the beginning of using the elixirs you may experience a temporary aggravation. It happens rarely, but is considered normal and lasts a short time. Continue -The emergency remedy is a mixture of 5 elixirs that act on the emotions felt in case of shock. It has been designed to cope with a very stressful event: exam, dentist treatment, bad news. The emergency remedy is the only one also available in spray or cream form. In the latter form, in addition to the 5 elixirs, it also contains wild apple. It is added to facilitate healing of small cuts, insect bites, sunburn, etc.

Elixirs do not treat illnesses directly: they only act on negative thoughts and facilitate recovery or improvement. If you are already on a conventional treatment for your condition, you really need toGo on: flower essences can accompany any treatment, including allopathic medicine. Beware, awareness of one's own negative emotions and behaviours involves some moments that can be difficult, even painful.

Usual dosage for an emergency remedy: four drops in aa glass of water, to be drunk in small sips or, if using a spray, two sprays directly under the tongue or in the mouth.a glass of water.


You won't find therapists who specialise in Dr Bach's prescriptions. It's them-designed so you can use them at home. Naturopaths can guide you in this, and some doctors, physiotherapists and psychotherapists offer them as a complement to their treatments.


Elixirs do not contain detectable substances. No scientific theory can explain their action, so researchers regard them as a placebo. Proponents of the method explain their action by aa vibratory resonance mechanism, as in homeopathy: the remedy would normalise variations in the electromagnetic field of certain cells in the body.