The knowledge of Ayurveda has nowadays become increasingly widespread. Unlike many other traditional systems of human knowledge and natural healing, Ayurveda has come to be studied in many countries of the world. The systematic study of this millenary science (Ayurveda) has gained a great momentum in Romania through the intensive Ayurveda courses organized by the National Association for the Promotion of Non-Conventional Medicine since 1995.

What Ayurveda offers the modern man is primarily a broad, comprehensive, accessible and perfectly natural approach to maintaining his health by perfectly natural means. Today, the traditional Ayurveda system has a great advantage over other traditional healing systems in that it is a vast form of knowledge that has been highly systematised and is highly scientific.

Ayurveda reflects the profound reality of human life through fundamental truths that exist throughout the Universe and are specifically manifested throughout Nature.

AYURVEDA is based on universal principles, which are valid regardless of the geographical area in which they are applied.

The application of these Ayurvedic principles to the specific life and activity of people living in Romania has proved over time to be particularly fruitful.

The ancient Ayurveda system promotes a natural way of life that can be carried out based on these essential principles of healthy living.

The practical application of Ayurvedic knowledge is possible independently of the cultural system in which it is used.

Ayurveda is a holistic traditional system that approaches human knowledge as a whole. Ayurveda has the advantage of being a complete system of knowledge.

The knowledge that the Ayurveda system includes is unique both in its content and in the specific way it is presented, which is clear, systematic and precise.

Even though it is over 5000 years old, Ayurveda has been structured in a very advanced didactic and conceptual manner.

The principles underlying this systematic elaboration are contained in traditional writings of great theoretical and practical value. These traditional writings are an authentic and particularly valuable source of inspiration for modern thinking.