The miracle man - regeneration through nutrition

The miracle man, a raw foodist with 40 years of experience


In a Moscow suburb I met an amazing man - Vladimir Timofeevich. He is 85 years old and a raw foodist. I have read a lot of literature on this subject, I have looked at all the Oganean records, I have studied the famous Chinese treatise, but a 40 years experienced crudivore I met for the first time. He has a strong and hard life history.

Vladimir Timofeevich was the oldest child in the family, and when he turned 9, his father was taken to war. The whole household fell on the shoulders of the pupil. He got up every day at 3 a.m., shod 6 horses, did a string of heavy menial work, and was already in school by 8 a.m. and so on every day, until after 3rd grade he went blind. He could see so badly that he couldn't tell a man from a woman, and to see a letter in a book he had to take a magnifying glass.

After a few years of blind life, in which he learned to carpentry blindly ("I understood that hunger was waiting for me if I didn't learn to do something"), Vladimir Timofeevici fell ill with epilepsy. He tells about it with horror... The seizures were so strong that he was biting his tongue, and all the walls of the house, where he was already living with his wife and children, were in blood. But here his torment did not end. When he turned 40, Vladimir Timofeevich became ill with stomach cancer, or more precisely, he was found to have late-stage cancer. And headaches, linked to epilepsy, led to the loss of his right eye. The doctor took pity on the dying man and removed his eye. Vladimir Timofeevich remembers sitting in hospital in excruciating pain and begging the doctor to get rid of the eye that was "eating his brain". The patient could not see at all with that eye and the doctor, hesitating a little, operated on him.

In the days when he was practically dying, Vladimir Timofeevich didn't eat at all, except for the medicines that took away his pain. After 5 months, gangrene developed in his left leg and the doctor wanted to remove it.

Vladimir Timofeevici

That's why Vladimir Timofeevich, feeling that death was near, said: "I want to be in a two-legged coffin". A few days after this discussion, the doctor discharged him "to die" at home, telling him he had 3-4 days to live.

The internal organs have practically atrophied. Vladimir Timofeevich says that at home the children made him a coffin and he sat in it, accepting his end.

The next day, he went outside: "I went to say goodbye to nature. I sat down on the grass in the yard and said in my mind: goodbye, dandelion. I sat for about three hours and suddenly I heard nature answer me: don't go, we need you. You've licked animals, so why can't you lick yourself? And then I remembered how we treated cows and horses. We used to chop burdock leaves! I tore up a lot of burdock (there was a lot of it), asked relatives to chop it and started eating it. The burdock was very bitter, but Vladimir Timofeevich wanted to live like never before. He told how he was burning inside after burusture, it seemed to him that he was in hell. He kept it up for four months and ate only burdock. Nothing more. And the cancer and gangrene subsided. What's more, the veins on his legs disappeared, his feet turned white, like a child's. More complicated was the epilepsy, which didn't go away for years.

Since then, Vladimir Timofeevich eats only live plant foods. He believes that if it is boiled, it is dead food. He's got three refrigerators. He explained to me how he freezes winter squash, pumpkin juice and chopped burdock.

In winter drink only pumpkin juice: "the rest you don't need," he explains.

Learning about the miracle man, people come to him. The ones the doctors have rejected, but who want to live. And they get better. When I asked how long a man can live, he replied: "I'm 85 years old, and I've recently grown new teeth. According to the laws of nature it's a new life, and for me - the next 85 years" and he laughs, showing his healthy white teeth. The same thing is now happening to Vladimir Timofeevich's beard and hair: black hairs are appearing through his surly hair. He has almost no wrinkles, only a few creases on his forehead. The household is big, and that's a lot.

But the most amazing thing happened not long ago: Vladimir Timofeevich has discovered how instead of the excised eye, the eyelid opens and another eye comes out! He tells with humour: I came to the police and told them: change my passport! I have one eye in my passport, and the second one opens! What should I do?" And they shrug: wonder man, what can we say?

The greatest evil, in his opinion, is meat. "We seem to devour ourselves, and then we rot inside," explains the crudivore. He gave me burdock - it's bitter ...

taken from ecology.mda