Feminine beauty


by Aurora Nicolae, Ayurveda lecturer



The AYURVEDA system originated in India more than 4000 years ago, but the profound knowledge of the human being and of life, given to mankind by the sages who revealed this science, which traditional texts say is of divine origin, is as valid today as it was then.

The structure of the human being has not changed significantly since then, and (surprising though it may seem to some) neither human problems nor human aspirations have fundamentally changed. In every age, people's mentality has undergone some global changes, but certain elements have remained unchanged, even in this respect.

The aspiration towards beauty is, for example, now as then, a powerful NEED of the human soul. But what a large number of people have forgotten today is the origin of beauty.


What AYURVEDA reminds us is that true feminine beauty is never just about an attractive bodily form, but is a result of the ineffable harmony of a woman's body, soul and spirit.

For every woman there is such a unique harmony that can never be found in the same way in another woman. The more a woman is aware of those aspects of her physical body, soul and spirit within her that are beautiful and create her uniqueness - that seductive 'I don't know what and I don't know how' - the more she will be able to be not only beautiful, but also attractive and charming.

For a woman to be charming, it is not enough to have a beautiful face, like a flawless photo. Only when such a well-formed face (and body) is accompanied by mystery, sensuality, refinement, gentleness, kindness, loving power, gentleness, or other archetypal qualities of the female soul, does it make the woman who is "given" such a "gift" truly a beautiful and charming woman.

When a female face is very beautiful and at the same time accompanied by these features of the beauty of the female soul, it becomes simply ravishing. If, however, a female face and body is not unanimously accepted as beautiful, but is accompanied by these features of the beauty of the female soul, it still becomes beautiful, it acquires a light that makes the physical forms charming, even if they may not have a certain symmetry or perfect harmony.


Although every human being is unique in his or her own way, there are certain common traits that define certain human typologies. Within the AYURVEDA system three main human typologies are described, called VATA, PITTA and KAPHA. The human typologies are described within the AYURVEDA system in a very complex and nuanced way, and knowledge of them offers countless practical insights for application in almost all areas of life. For women, one of the most accessible practical applications of knowing this typology is to identify the type of beauty that is specific to each individual and whose cultivation is most beneficial to her.


The "classic" type of beauty that is specific to these women is "soft, ethereal beauty".

Women with this type are naturally, effortlessly, very lithe or even thin. Tall, with long legs and arms, they meet all the criteria demanded by current fashion, which is almost exclusively geared towards this type of woman. The skin is smooth, with a transparency that reveals the veins. Naturally, the hair of a woman of this type is blond, ranging from shades of wheat to shades of brown, and is sometimes curly or wavy, sometimes "unruly" and difficult to comb.

Facial features are not very regular, there may be slight asymmetries, which give such a woman a special touch. The eyes are blue, ranging from shades of greyish-grey with flashes of steel to the deep blue of clear summer skies. Small breasts, narrow shoulders and hips are offset by the length of arms and legs, often giving these women an adolescent allure, even into old age. Moreover, these women have a youthful, dynamic, lively quality that often makes them appear restless.

Their mimicry is very expressive, they like to talk a lot and accompany their speech with lively gestures. They have a vivid imagination, are intelligent and artistically inclined. They often have a bohemian nature, like to travel a lot and dance. They make friends easily and are generous.

In love, they are full of the unexpected, they like everything that is new and they can't settle into a routine. With a woman like this, you're unlikely to ever get bored, but you can't make too many plans either. They are full of fantasy, enthusiasm, exuberant, affectionate and communicative.

Life with them is like the effervescence of a glass of champagne. They detach easily and enter easily into a relationship, but they're not the housewife type, nor do they have overly maternal inclinations. However, if they have children, they will raise them in a spirit of great freedom, camaraderie and will be friends with their children rather than a maternal authority.

They spend money very easily and value only the "fun" that money can provide, not its value in itself. They have a hard time tolerating constraints, "fixed hours" and rigid schedules. They are able to mobilise and open up new, unsuspected perspectives, to give impetus and joy to life.

The main feminine qualities of the VATA type:

grace, suppleness, mobility, originality, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, communicativeness, open-mindedness, intelligence, refinement, gentleness, optimism, innovative spirit, initiative, creative imagination


Women with this type of beauty are the ultimate seductresses, the amazons, the fascinators.

Their medium-sized bodies are very well proportioned. With harmoniously drawn musculature, rounded shoulders, arms and legs with a firm flesh, they give an impression of supple strength. The buttocks are well drawn, "lifted" and round. The breasts are of medium size, but very nicely shaped and firm until old age. The waist is also very well contoured and the hips are round and arched. The skin is brown, olive or white with pinkish tints.

The face with regular, symmetrical features, with a straight or aquiline nose and well-drawn mouth, is unforgettable, it is imprinted like a medal in the mind of the seduced. The natural reddish hair, to shades of scarlet-brown, casts Bengali glints that make the green of the fascinating eyes appear even deeper. The emerald-hued eyes have a radiance that both conquers and captivates. They give the impression that they penetrate completely and subjugatingly into the soul of the beholder.

The physical appearance of such a woman is very suggestive of her temperament. Fascinating to others, she is herself fascinated by life. Full of passion, she arouses passions in turn. Dynamic, fiery, she loves life and likes to live intensely. She is a fighter, even in love, and she likes to win in a game where there are always two winners.

Brave, she is very attracted to adventure and the unknown. She can't be won over with trivial or predictable gestures. When she loves, she does so with an abandon that goes as far as self-forgetfulness and burns like a scorching flame. She is capable of sacrificing everything in such a love and giving everything away, but beware - it is not a game. Because she doesn't forget easily and is very demanding. It lives at high altitudes and demands the same strength. Highly intelligent, has remarkable powers of observation, quick reactions and very eloquent speech.

Efficient in her actions, with a very well-developed practical sense and daring, she is always "sure-footed". She knows what she wants in life and always chooses the shortest route to success. Sometimes she may opt for adventure for the sake of conquering the seemingly unconquerable. She likes everything beautiful, shiny, jewellery and sumptuous clothes. She often spends large sums of money in the blink of an eye on something she really likes, without regret.

She likes order and is a great admirer of ingenious practical creations. Nature deeply rebalances her and she enjoys playing sports in nature or looking at beautiful landscapes. When she opts for marriage (which doesn't always happen, as her desire to feel free can make her prefer a 'no strings attached' relationship), she is a loving but demanding mother and wife. She has a special power to encourage and motivate.

The main feminine qualities of the PITTA typology:

dynamism, strong eroticism, intense, transformative love, courage, self-confidence, practical intelligence, eloquence, nonconformity


Women with KAPHA beauty can be considered the very symbol of femininity. Their features evoke sensual, maternal and eternal femininity. This type of feminine beauty is not cultivated enough these days, although it best expresses authentically feminine traits. It is the type of full, enriching femininity, the one full of tenderness and love.

The body of such a woman is well-built, with a firm bone and abundant flesh. Arms and legs are strong and full, breasts large, buttocks well developed. The skin is white, satiny, the hair dark brown to jet-black, thick, glossy, grows very fast and is very beautiful. The complexion is "milk-like", the large, long-lashed eyes are glossy and exude a calm magnetism that you feel like you're sinking into. Mouth with full, sensual lips, strong white teeth. This woman's face exudes an indescribable sweetness. Her voice is deep, with tender inflections, her speech calm and tame. She is often silent. Devoted, loving, tender, protective, tolerant and forgiving, understanding and patient, she is a wonderful mother and wife who inspires unconditional trust.

Very devoted in love, she "lights up" slowly, but then she will love faithfully for a lifetime. Capable of many sacrifices when needed, she is typically a lover of life's pleasures. She surrounds herself with a comfortable and very pleasant environment, loves to cook and has a very welcoming home. She has an innate talent for making you "feel at ease" and therefore attracts many friends.

She is calm, relaxed and gentle. She loves children very much and often has several. She is thoughtful and prudent and uses money sparingly, especially to ensure her comfort. She likes perfumes, cosmetics and flowers. She loves music, literature, has a genuine cult of family and the past, is a keeper of tradition and has an innate religious sense. Very affectionate, she is sometimes sentimental, but at the same time she has a strong sense of reality, which keeps her 'grounded'.

The main feminine qualities of the KAPHA typology:

vitality, sensuality, affection, tenderness, kindness, forgiveness, endurance, physical and mental strength, stability, fidelity, tolerance, depth of soul.