Beneficial attitude

The need for a beneficial and constructive mental attitude

during the implementation of diets


It is known that during food cures aimed at purifying or detoxifying the body, such as for example oshawa-type diets, raw food cures, fresh fruit and vegetable juice cures or even black fasting that is carried out with water only, we often face certain negative mental states, which are real inner obstacles, which generate prolonged states of discomfort and which can even make us give up the food discipline that we arewe proposed to follow it.

During these difficult periods, the uncomfortable mental states make us have the mostly false impression that we can no longer continue the regime. Sometimes there may be intense, seemingly uncontrollable 'cravings', and sometimes we simply feel the urge to abandon the diet without really understanding why. In reality, such situations indicate that certain beneficial purifications and transformations are taking place within us, not only in the physical body but also in the mental, mental and spiritual side of our being.

In order to successfully carry out a cleansing diet that we know is good and useful for us, it is necessary from the beginning to "arm" ourselves with an inner state of determination and confidence in the success of what we want to do for good. Even before we actually begin the process we must have very clearly in mind the purpose for which we are doing it. A strong, strong and well-defined beneficial motivation is likely to give us the inner strength and impetus to carry through what we have started, despite the inner obstacles that may arise. What's more, this deep and vivid beneficial motivation can make all those negative states not even arise!

Then, during the diet we adopt, if we find that we end up experiencing physical or even mental weakness, it is of great benefit to us to be prepared in advance, to choose through the power of our firm will, a beneficial attitude that is tonic, determined and confident. Through the power of the mind and beneficial self-suggestion we can often easily overcome these difficult situations.

We can sometimes use clever little "tricks". For example, when we're having a hard time, we can rehearse in our minds a particular beneficial suggestion that we are sensitive to and that we know we react to quickly and in a very short time.a constructive way. We will find to our surprise, shortly afterwards, that the negative state is largely or completely gone and that the hardest part is over.

Sometimes a few encouraging words from those close to us or those who we-recommended the diet can be life-saving and can help us to change our mental state for the better, so that what once seemed to be insurmountable now becomes something very natural, natural and no longer bothers us.

Self-confidence, understanding how a purification regime works and knowing the stages of a purification regime are particularly useful. Willpower and positive thinking, sterile humour and self-awareness are some of the ways we can use them to be successful.

So success depends on us and the determination we have, and all the good choices we make. To all of this we must add, in the essential way, prayer and firm faith in God.