Ayurveda Camps



Aurora Nicolae, lecturer of Ayurveda AMN-Romania



An Ayurveda camp is the privileged place where people who have been studying Ayurveda for several years or less, with different levels of education, from different social backgrounds, with different professions and even with different nationalities come to a wonderful place in nature where they then live, live and study Ayurveda together for 5-7 days, based on a common programme of activities, designed to give each participant some important insights into certain aspects of the vast field of the ancient traditional science of Ayurveda.

Organization of Ayurveda Camps

The Ayurveda Camp is an annual event organized by AMN-Romania and has already become a tradition in Romania. The Ayurveda camps started to be organized by AMN-Romania in 1995 and since then they have been held year after year in the summer of the year, usually in July, in different mountain areas of Romania.

Ayurveda camps have been and still are held in picturesque places, in the middle of nature, in regions relatively far away from large urban areas, usually near a river, in pleasant and quiet natural areas, in clearings where the atmosphere is conducive to study and deep meditation.

Picturesque mountain areas

In Romania, the Carpathian Mountains have many such wonderful places that have been able to host one or more of these Ayurveda camps over the 25 years of activity. Ayurveda camps have been held one after the other either in the Apuseni Mountains, in the Vrancei Mountains or in the Nemira Mountains, but most of the time Ayurveda camps have taken place in the Maramures Mountains, in places that have become a tradition for the local people of Maramures.

Most of the Ayurveda camps were held in the historical region of Maramureș, near Budești, in a mountainous region where there is a nearby pyramidal mountain with a significant name that sounds almost identical to the name of the Great God of Indian tradition - Shiva.

Ayurveda camps are held during the summer and dozens to hundreds of participants attend such an event. However, those who come to an Ayurveda camp participate in a spiritual programme that consists of meditations preceded by some thematic presentations on Ayurveda, especially Ayurvedic esotericism, linked to aspects of the properties of medicinal plants.

Running an Ayurveda camp

Camp participants carry out activities that are directly related to Ayurveda topics, interact with each other in program activities and go on nature trips in the vicinity of the camp site.

Ayurveda camps provide those who study Ayurveda during a year-long Ayurveda course with the opportunity to share with each other the knowledge they have acquired and especially the spiritual experiences they have had that are related to the topics covered in the program.

The atmosphere of an Ayurveda camp

During an Ayurveda camp, participants exchange experiences, share their personal experiences and discuss together important and varied topics of the esoteric knowledge of Ayurveda.

Whether they work in the medical or engineering field, whether they are young students or retired, whether they have an advanced level of Ayurvedic knowledge or have just learned the first basic, elementary notions of Ayurveda, in such an Ayurveda camp there is always a unified, loving, supportive and deeply transformative spiritual atmosphere that fosters a higher, purer and more fruitful form of esoteric knowledge of some of life's deepest mysteries.

A simple and healthy way to live

In the few days of an Ayurveda camp, all participants live simply and healthily, right in the middle of nature, mostly living in tents, near flowing mountain water and under the protective shelter of vigorous trees in the meadows.

In an Ayurveda camp, participants live in tents, set up their own tents, prepare vegetarian food together, relax and rest in the middle of nature, most practice various traditional yoga procedures in unison, go on short mountain hikes in groups, mostly for direct recognition of the plants that grow in the region, but most importantly, they all meditate together in unison on themes that are revealing for the esoteric knowledge of the Ayurveda system.

An extraordinary experience

In such an Ayurveda Camp, creative activity, relaxation, knowledge, spiritual practice and fruitful learning are all harmoniously blended.

An Ayurveda camp is an almost endless source of extraordinary experience and it depends on the commitment of all participants to the smooth running of the whole programme.

Participating in an Ayurveda Spiritual Camp is an extraordinary experience. Here you can discover people and fundamental truths about life in a natural, beautiful setting.