In ancient Ayurvedic tradition, the Great God Indra is known as the Godlike Lord of celestial energies and the subtle sphere of space.

The Great God Indra is known in Eastern spiritual tradition as the Lord of the Gods and the protector of the disciples of the spiritual path.

The Great God Indra is an exemplary being, full of courage, recklessness and heroism. Ayurvedic tradition states that the Great God Indra is endowed with an unparalleled vigour and great power of beneficial action. In his honour Indrain the sacred works of India, in Seee, numerous hymns are dedicated, more than in honour of all the other gods except the Great God Agni.

About the Great God Indra it is stated that it can take any form it wishes and that is why the Great God Indra numerous forms of manifestation and incarnations are attributed to it.

Traditional representation and description associated with the Great God Indra

Traditionally, the Great God Indra is described as an exceptional being, appearing to have shiny, golden skin and extraordinarily long arms. Indra moves ina shiny golden carriage, pulled by two black horses with their manes waving. Indra is depicted as having four hands, is armed with a thunderbolt (vajra), which he holds with one hand on his right side. Indra also has arrows, a large hook (ankusha) and a noose with which it defeats its opponents. The sacred writings of India (puranathem) describe Indra as a young man, sometimes riding a white horse or sometimes an elephant, carrying a lightning bolt in his right hand.

Forever young, Indra is the celestial being that embodies the virtues of youth, heroism, as well as the manifestation of the state of divine generosity and exuberance that is exhilarating and life-giving. Sometimes in traditional representations, Indra is described as having a chest and arms marked with a lot of eyes (akshi), thus being nicknamed Sahasraksha, an expression which means "He who is endowed with a thousand eyes“. Indra is also described in Eastern tradition as one of the youngest gods, and is sometimes called Kanina, a word that means "He who is born ever young", "The one full of youth", "Smallest" or "The Mezin“. Indra is suggestively described as an exceptional being who is the embodiment of vigour and youth, a state which Indra and-maintains it by always using the celestial drink of the gods (soma).

The Great God Indra in the Ayurvedic tradition

The transmission of the sacred science of Ayurveda to humans was mediated by the Great God IndraIndra is the one who revealed to humans the immortal Sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda), a fact mentioned since the very first sutraof the well-known Ayurveda work Charaka-Samhita. In this context, Indra is mentioned as the one who received the secret teaching of Ayurveda from the two famous vintners, AshviniiIndra is the keeper of the priceless treasury of knowledge of the Science of Life and that is why Indra is the one who, when fervently called upon, responds with great goodwill, thus offering his godly support.

The work of Ayurveda Charaka-Samhita states about Indra that it is "The saviour of suffering human beings". That's why, Indra is called upon by sages longing for long life to reveal to them the secret knowledge of Ayurveda, which until then had been accessible only to celestial beings.

About the Great God Indra is said to have performed many exceptional healings, such as: suturing fractured necks without any hemorrhage, curing extreme devitalization and consumptive conditions affecting those suffering from serious disorders such as tuberculosis (rajayakshma), hair regeneration in cases of baldness, as well as healing many other diseases.

About Indra is said to have performed many miraculous healings, providing exceptional support in healing human beings to whom Rig-See and points to their names, namely: restored the sight of Paravrija, l-helped Chair regain the ability to walk and l-cured Apala of a severe skin disease.

Rig-See also makes special mention of the extraordinary skill of Indra in surgical therapeutic interventions and in the treatment of serious cases of scorpion or snake bites.

In the paper entitled Ayurveda-VijnanaIndra is described as a great expert in the rapid and effective treatment of psycho-mental, for the cure of which Indra applies a multitude of natural therapeutic herbal formulas with healing effects on the psyche and mind. Several such therapeutic formulas attributed to Indra and are found even in classical works of Ayurveda, such as Charaka-Samhita or Sushruta-Samhita.