effective way of beneficial transformation of the human being


Sanskrit term rasayana derives from the Sanskrit word ayana, which means "way", "path", "direction", "trend", but also means "flow" or "orientation". Generally speaking, the Sanskrit term rasayana can be translated as "essential path", "effective way of proper inner transformation" or "fundamental direction". This word (rasayana) is closely related to the expression "to aim to do something specific", "to look for someone's trail", "to have something specific in mind". In the composition of the Sanskrit term rasayana also participates the word "rasa", which means "essence", "basic aspect", "fundamental aspect" or "key element". So the Sanskrit term rasayana means "to pursue and achieve what is essential in life".

In Ayurveda, the science of rejuvenating the body is called Rasayana-Jnana. However, this science is not only the exposition of rejuvenating procedures and methods, but also the actual appropriation of a superior, essential viewpoint on life and human existence.


Rasayana-Jnana - the science of amplifying longevity potential


In Ayurveda, Rasayana-Jnana is the secret science of rejuvenation and tonics or, in other words, the science of longevity or, more broadly, the science of the wise amplification of the long-lived potential of the human being. Rasayana is one of the eight major branches (anga-uri) or sciences, specialisations, specialised divisions (tantra-uri) of the traditional Ayurvedic medical system: Kaya-Cikitsa (general medicine), Shalya-Tantra (general surgery), Shalakya-Tantra (medicine and surgery related to supraclavicular disorders), Bhuta-Vidya (operating with invisible agents), Kaumara-Bhritya (paediatrics), Agada-Tantra (toxicology), Rasayana (the science of rejuvenators and tonics), Vajikarana (the science of aphrodisiac substances).

In Ayurveda, Rasayana is defined as a set of natural ways designed to ensure an excellent state of the bodily constituents (dhatu). The practical procedures and modalities included in the Rasayana are the science of maintaining youth and bodily vigour, giving energy and long life, longevity, by amplifying the long-lived potential of the human being.