Ayurveda Conferences



As far as the in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda in Romania is concerned, the contribution to this important goal was made possible mainly through the opening, support and coordination of Ayurveda courses in Romania, carried out since 1995 within the National Association for the Promotion of Non-Conventional Medicine in Romania.

In this organizational form it was possible to offer valuable knowledge of Ayurveda to all those interested in this field in Romania, both to the general public and to specialists, practically to all those interested in a healthy life and all the good aspects that the Ayurvedic tradition offers through its traditional knowledge. The AMN Ayurveda course has been an opportunity for many people to learn and practically apply a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge in Romania.

We can say that at present, through Ayurveda, there are many fruitful directions of possible development that will be able to gradually improve many of the areas of human professional activity that are carried out, in various forms, in modern society today. We can even speak of a multidisciplinarity of Ayurveda, and this aspect is in fact a nodal point, a point-key to the knowledge of Ayurveda, which will be able to offer, even in the near future, the prospect of many related developments, not only concerning human health, but also many other areas of life in general, as well as a multitude of related areas of modern scientific activity.

In the field of Ayurveda we have de-It deals with a vast traditional science, which holds remarkable resources of knowledge about the life of the human being and about life in general.