Crystal therapy


Crystal therapy

Crystal therapy is one of the alternative therapies and is based on the energetic properties of stones. Each rock has a specific energy that harmonises our own energies, improves our mood and relieves certain illnesses. Crystals capture energies and then channel them to our body, specifically to that part of it that needs help and extra energy to recover.

The healing properties of crystals have been known since ancient times. Crystal therapy isshaped, however, in the 18th-century, when Abbot Hauy discovered the seven crystal systems. At that time the stones were mostly used as powders and elixirs, and this form of therapy became one of the branches of medicine.

Crystals are nothing more than bridges between our will and our subtle bodies. Their energetic action depends on their chemical composition and colour.

Nowadays it is known that the energy field of crystals, piezoelectricity, is one of the most important elements of communication systems. Computers, radars, clocks, radios, all use a constant energy field that does not deviate.

The piezoelectric property of crystals shows that they are able to hold an electrical charge, and because of this quality they also have the ability to increase the energy field of the human body, because they emit uniform vibrations.

Constant interaction with us will lead to synchronization of the crystal vibrations with those of our spirit, soul and body. And the closer our vibrations are to the vibrations of the crystal, the more effectively the crystal will function as a condensing, transforming and directing device for energy.  

Once the crystal is purified and bestowed, it can be used in meditation, to unblock the chakras, for purification and aura enhancement, channeling, energization, etc.At an advanced stage, as a result of the conscious activation of the mental body and the right brain hemisphere, we can reach higher vibrational steps that can induce a high state of consciousness.

A crystal is a catalyst of energies. It accumulates and attracts energies from around it, which is why it should be cleansed and freed of what it has gathered inside it before ituse it or-He wears it. Otherwise we carry a whole lot of energy baggage that we don't need.

Any stone accumulates de-over time negative energies, which is also its role, to create a protective shield against harmful energies that surround us permanently. That's why, whether we've bought a new crystal or have older jewellery at home, it's good to purify it before wearing it.

Our crystal has passed through dozens of places and hands that havecharged with various energies that need to be neutralized. If it's a family heirloom that has a stone or more, it's good to know that it may contain energies accumulated over many decades. Such a jewel may have absorbed in it not only joys but also personal dramas, sufferings, family curses, or misfortunes. Purification frees these jewels of their energetic sap and transforms them into personal jewels with their own imprint.

By purification we diminish or even neutralise the history of that crystal. This is why it is not advisable to wear a piece of jewellery or a crystal before-clean it.

How is a crystal purified?

There are crystals that are easily purified in water or crystallised salt, but there are also stones that are purified by exposure to the sun or moonlight. As a result, although it is said that the crystal actually chooses its owner, it is still wise to inform oneself about a crystal before-I buy it.

The first step is to carefully brush the crystal with a soft toothbrush. Some stones are easily scratched or, if that crystal is polished to aa shape that does not correspond to the natural one (pyramids or other geometric shapes different from the way that stone naturally crystallises), it is very likely to break.

Then we will place the stone ina glass or crystal container, filled with spring or purified water, in which we have dissolved a large quantity of rock salt.

Another method is to put the crystal in aa glass container and then add coarse salt until completely covered. But be careful, salt can affect selenite, azurite and calcite, so we won't use salt or salt water purification for them.

Do not use iodised table salt, even if it is in granular form.

Purification, depending on the crystal, takes between 3 days and a week. We can also take into account the lunar phases, the most beneficial times being during the new moon phase and two days before the full moon phase.

 Other simple methods of purification are holding the crystal under a continuous stream of spring or mountain stream water.

Some crystals can be purified by burying them in the ground, but not hematite or other iron-rich stones. Sunlight at sunrise or sunset or moonlight is also suitable for purification. Beware, however, of amethyst, rose quartz, blue celestite, citrine, fluorite, moonstone and aquamarine crystals, which discolour if kept in strong sunlight.

When we have delicate stones that cannot be purified by these methods, it is sufficient to leave them in the vicinity of a large rough quartz crystal, already purified.

How to choose a crystal

If we have consciously chosen a crystal for ourselves, tuning with our own person is simple because it s-has already achieved a resonance between us and the signals it constantly emits. If we-we chose unconsciously, these signals will be interpreted by our thoughts as an instinctive attraction, regardless of its shape or colour. However, it is best to choose the crystal we like best.

If we want to choose a crystal for a friend, we will first have to imagine, with our eyes closed, as best we can the soul of that person. Then we choose the crystal that most appeals to us. Through this simple technique, the spirit of the person for whom we have chosen the crystal, and-It will select itself, thanks to the telepathic link established mentally.

 Stones can be used to treat a number of conditions, includingstress, fatigue, insomnia, exhaustion, emotional problems, mental agitation, joint pain, chronic pain. Each crystal has certain therapeutic properties, but there are cases where different stones are needed to treat a health problem.

To appreciate the role of crystals in healing the human body and spirit, it is important to understand that the surrounding world and the human body are actually made up of crystalline substances. Everything is based on crystalline nature. The human body is also crystalline in structure.

The most predominant element in the body is water, which is nothing more than a liquid crystal, just like blood. Each of the glands of the endocrine system are made up mostly of crystalline substances. Therefore, by working with quartz crystals, we are able to program the crystalline structure of the whole body.

The energetic action of stones depends primarily on their chemical composition and colour. The energetic exchanges take place mainly at the level of the 7 subtle centres of force. Each chakra has its own vibratory frequency and colour, just like the organs to which it corresponds. The stones that are favourable to the 7 centres of force have their own colours.

How to work with crystals

Crystal therapy is one of the alternative therapies and is based on the energetic properties of stones. Each rock has a distinct charge that harmonises our own energies, improves our mood and alleviates certain illnesses.

Crystals capture energies and then channel them to our body, specifically to that part of it that needs help and extra energy to recover. That's why it's important to purify before using any crystal.

After the stone we chose-a for us has been purified, we will place it in aa specially made pouch made of leather, velvet, cotton or crochet to protect the crystal but also give us easy access to it.

We can also attach the crystal to a leather, gold or silver chain, but it is advisable not to use the stone as jewellery, but to wear it under clothing, as close to the body as possible. It should not be exposed to other people's eyes or touch. The energy field of a crystal is large enough around us for anyone to influence it.

We can carry the stone with us permanently. Around our neck, in our bag, in our pocket, under our pillow when we sleep, the exchange of energy is mutual and permanent. Crystal must become an integral part of our being. It will enjoy the same attention that we give it.or hair, or even the heart, because it will give us the same energy that the heart gives us.provides it every day.

In difficult moments of illness, fatigue, stress, emotions, we will hold the crystal in our hands. On the left to receive positive energy, on the right to release negative energy. Or we can place crystals in specific places on the body. By placing them on the projection areas of the subtle centres of force, the action will be more direct and will harmonise several problems at the same time.

  Placing two crystals under the pillow, one with the top up and the other with the top down, will help us to be aware during astral travel and provide protection during sleep. We can even receive answers to various problems in this way, through beings evolved from the subtle.

To protect and energise the space in which we live, we can place a crystal in the four corners of the house and two crystals (one with the top up, one with the top down) in the centre of the ceiling, attached to the chandelier.

Crystals, clusters, geodes, crystal spheres placed in the house are an oasis of pure energy, health and harmony, which helps to remove negative energies from that space, increasing protection against mental attacks and intellectual efficiency. The results appear in a short time and we perceive them as a blessing.