A way of healing

A superior way to heal quickly and fully


In the Oriental tradition it is known that any ailment that has reached the stage of manifesting at the level of the physical body also has certain subtle, profound causes, more precisely certain mistakes that the being in question has made.did de-over time and which now s-took the form of that disease.

The disease that s-manifested in the physical body is actually the result of what ishas accumulated deeply in the subtle planes of being. It starts from an incorrect way of thinking, speaking or acting, from wrong attitudes or tendencies that we-we have kept and manifested for a longer or shorter period of time. Nothing happens in the physical body without a deeper reason or, in other words, a subtle cause of illness. Looking at it from this higher point of view we can understand that actual physical illness is actually a way of removing accumulated negative energies from the being.

Although for a skeptical human being it may be harder to accept and even harder to feel, especially when the being becomes ill, yet any affliction can be wisely seen even as a silent form of God's grace through which our attention is drawn to what we need to do to return to our natural state of balance and harmony. Our being is thus cleansed of impurities and our soul is made tosomehow cured. Somehow, inIn a perhaps more unpleasant way, we are forced to finally make good choices and opt for what is truly good for us and at the same time let go of what was hurting us.

This is why it is necessary that when we are sick, we try to understand why we had to get into this situation and what lesson we have to learn from it, what attitude we have to adopt to heal more easily. It is necessary to understand that through illness we are not punished, but only put intoa situation where we have to help ourselves by givingni-It is at the same time a very convincing motivation to transform ourselves and stop making mistakes.

Beyond the outward aspects that a certain condition requires of us such as "be careful what and how much you eat", "don't get angry", "perform cleansing techniques", there is also a deeper state that we can feel especially after healing has begun to occur. This is expressed in something new, something deep and wonderful that is reborn in us, a new attitude towards life, towards people, a state of purity, of inner light, of good humour, of maturity and faith in God. These beneficial states are always closely linked to the silent lesson that illness can teach us.

In order to hasten healing, it is far better to have a higher state of acceptance of what is happening to us than to feel sorry for ourselves and have the impression that an injustice has been done.has befallen us. This higher attitude of trust in God and in the mystical power of natural remedies, of the appropriate healing herbs that we use wisely, will make what is still impure in us be eliminated much more quickly, and full healing, harmony and balance reappear as soon as possible. In this way not only the physical body is healed, but also the subtle bodies, the mind and even the soul.