Secrets of longevity

The secrets of longevity


The state of youth without old age

Since ancient times mankind has sought to discover the secret of "youth without old age and life without death". In the past, most seekers of the secret of longevity thought they could find it in various external objects or very complicated preparations, but they overlooked an essential aspect, namely the regenerative potential of maintaining the state of balance of one's individual structure.

Great Ayurvedic sages have indicated that one of the secrets of longevity lies within ourselves. The human body is a complex system made up of three major elements: matter, energy and consciousness. Acting through concrete intelligence, consciousness can govern the interaction of the first two elements and has a defining role as the perceptive, decision-making and coordinating factor of our daily actions, making it the essential aspect through which we can achieve the harmonisation of matter and energy. Through its subordinate functions, namely perception, decision, coordination, it is possible to control the processes that take place at different levels of material and energetic elements, and through the awakening of the higher consciousness certain resonance phenomena are triggered that lead to the activation of self-determination and self-control mechanisms of the processes that take place at different levels of the being.

All this leads us to one of the important secrets of longevity. However, this is done in stages, after which the stages become permanent, in other words, they become a superior way of life. The conservation of energy and matter leads to keeping the human body in a perfect state of health and vitality and is preceded by a prior purification obtained by natural means.


Nutrition is one of the most important factors on which longevity depends. The quality of food is important for achieving a true state of longevity, especially through the impact it has on the body's health.

Preservatives, stabilisers, colourings, flavourings and other food additives are elements for which the body does not have specific metabolic pathways. In the fortunate cases, they are processed at a significant energy expense or, worse, accumulate in the body as toxins. In either case, the result is that the body suffers, its energy is used up and the body's matter ages.

An example of a food that is detrimental to longevity is refined white sugar. It also matters how foods are combined. Overnutrition also leads to incomplete digestion, resulting in toxic by-products (ama) that are harmful to the body.

Frequently consumed fizzy drinks can also be detrimental to longevity, destabilising the acid-base balance in the body and depriving it of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

Fasting is one of the most effective methods of purifying the body, organs and all tissues in the body, and leads to the elimination of toxins (ama) that have been accumulated. Black fasting, performed only with water, periodically for one day, preferably weekly, has the role of maintaining the state of cleanliness of the body.


Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and stimulants are particularly harmful ingredients on the body's longevity, many of the undesirable effects they produce on health are irreversible.

Harmonious physical exercises are of particular importance in maintaining the vitality of the body, adequately stimulating blood circulation and energy circulation, intensifying the body's natural purification processes and harmonizing the functions of the nervous and endocrine systems. Gentle, rhythmic exercises are recommended, combined with deep, controlled breathing, as are most yoga exercises.

Sexuality can be a great drain on energy if it is done without sexual contentment. The phenomenon of physiological discharge is accompanied by a considerable loss of substance and vital energy, leading to premature sexual ageing in people who engage in sexual intercourse without love content. The systematic practice of sexual continence in loving couples leads to the conservation of vital energy and its amplification, contributing considerably to increased longevity.

Regular enemas also cleanse the body of toxins that accumulate in the intestine as a result of poor digestion, thus preventing them from spreading in the body.

Emotional state plays an important role in maintaining the body's internal energy balance. Uncontrolled emotional reactions, negative emotions and stress severely affect the vitality and immunity of the being, disorganize the internal energy structures, which leads to the appearance of nervous disorders.

The surrounding environment, through the quality of the air and the nature of the prevailing electromagnetic fields, plays an important role in longevity. Heavily polluted air, in addition to the direct effects of noxious substances, affects the body's energy conservation because it is devoid of negative ions.