Ayurveda Day 2020


This year (2020) "Ayurveda Day" will be celebrated on 13 November 2020. The event will be organised online by AMN-Romania in collaboration with DMIMS(DU)-India and with the exceptional participation of the Embassy of India in Romania.

The programme will run on the ZOOM platform

Meeting ID: 872 5972 9040, Passcode: 363312



10:15 Preparations - connecting to Zoom platform and watching introductory movies
10:30 Presentation of the program - Mr. Andrei Gamulea, president of AMN-Romania
10:35 Introductory speech at The Ayurveda Day 2020 in Romania online Event made by His Excellency
Mr. Rahul Shrivastava, Ambassador of India in Romania
10:45 Speech of Hon. Dr. Vedprakash Mishra, Professor of Excellence, Professor of Eminence and
Professor Emeritus, Pro-Chancellor of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed to be
University), Nagpur, India (DMIMS(DU)-India)
11:00 Speech of Mr. Andrei Gamulea, President of AMN-Romania
11:10 Speech of Hon. Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt, First Secretary, Embassy of India in Romania
11:20 Speech of Hon. Dr. Rajiv Borle, Vice-Chancellor, DMIMS(DU)-India
11:30 Speech of Hon. Mrs. Chitra Suresh, initiator of the "Ayurveda in Romania" Project
11:40 Speech of Mrs. Aurora Nicolae, Vice-President of AMN-Romania
11:50 Speech of Hon. Dr. Lalit Waghmare, Pro-vice chancellor, DMIMS(DU)-India
12:00 Speech of Hon. Dr. S. S. Patel, Chief Coordinator, DMIMS(DU) - India
12:10 Speech of Mrs. Dr. Cristina Cîmpean, Ayurveda lecturer, Chief Medical Advisor, AMN-Romania
12:20 Speech of Dr. Vaishali Kuchwar, Dean, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, India
12:30 Speech of Dr. Manish P. Deshmukh, Deputy Director, Interdisciplinary Research, DMIMS(DU)- India
12:40 Speech of Mrs. Dr. Mirela Strant, Ayurveda lecturer, Medical Advisor, AMN-Romania
12:50 Presentation of the summary of topics - Mr. Andrei Gamulea, President of AMN-Romania
13:00 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Ina Petrea, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Iasi
13:05 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Aurora Repede, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Cluj
13:10 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Dalia Faur, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Deva
13:15 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Monica Pascalău, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Cluj
13:20 Thematic presentation, Mr. Ionuț Costin, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Brasov
13:25 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Nadia Todericiu, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Cluj
13:30 Thematic presentation, Mr. Dr. Victor Modval, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Targu Mures
13:35 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Florentina Baciu, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Baia Mare
13:40 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Cristina Dumitrescu, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Ploiesti
13:45 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Dr. Amalia Somanescu, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Bucharest
13:50 Thematic presentation, Mr. Dr. Sigismund Papp, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Timisoara
13:55 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Paula Florea, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Cluj
14:00 Thematic presentation, Mrs. Carmen Munteanu, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Bucharest
14:05 Thematic presentation, Mr. Constantin Aioanei, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania - Piatra Neamt
14:10 Concluding remarks, Mr. Andrei Gamulea, president of AMN-Romania