Natural food and longevity

Natural food and longevity


Maintaining health through nutrition

Longevity is closely linked to diet and lifestyle. A natural vegetarian diet and the use of natural live food of plant origin, to which milk and eggs are added as appropriate, contribute essentially to maintaining good health by maintaining the well-being of the body tissues (dhatu), the elasticity of the skin, good hormonal activity, maintaining the balance of the blood (rakta) through the constant and prompt elimination of toxins (ama) that occur. All these effects lead to the beautification and maintenance of the body's health and to a decrease in the rate of biological ageing by more than 50% of that usual in most people. Increased longevity occurs by increasing the number of years of health at the expense of years of illness and suffering.

Living food

Vegetarian live food, with its dual preventive and healing qualities, is equally necessary for both healthy and sick people. Natural foods are a true remedy, free of side effects, which strengthens our immune system and fortifies our body. A clean body, cleansed of residues and toxins through natural vegetarian food, does not allow pathogens to develop and thus becomes less worn out. Longevity means prolonging healthy and active life and preventing a possible prolonged period of suffering. Longevity is a complex concept that involves maintaining health by avoiding disease, maintaining high levels of physical and cognitive function and engaging in beneficial creative activities.

Body balance

Among the factors that contribute to increasing longevity, we mention physical balance reflected by a healthy diet, based on natural vegetarian food, a healthy lifestyle, reflected by constant and harmonious physical exercise, individual hygiene, rest, relaxation, mental and psychological balance, the manifestation of a behavior characterized by common sense, constant creative ability, self-confidence, courage and aspiration for knowledge. To these are added genetic and environmental factors that are conducive. As a rule, people's lives are shortened when there are deviations from the vital balance. Sometimes these begin even before conception, as the mother's body is often full of toxins (ama). After birth, children are given all kinds of formula milk powder and then denatured food formulas. Parents also resort to excessive medication in simple conditions.

Living healthy is an elixir of life and any act that is against life causes health problems and shortens life. Basically, anything that affects health, holistically, shortens human life. The extent to which we are aware and pay attention to meeting vital needs is the measure of our health and longevity. Among the factors that damage longevity, unhealthy diet is, together with stress and excessive consumption of drugs, one of the most representative.

Droctor Aubrey de Grey, president of the Methuselah Foundation, has identified seven major causes of ageing: cell loss causing organ damage, accumulation of abnormal cells due to high levels of toxicity, disruptive mutations in the general balance occurring at the cellular level, mutations at the mitochondrial level leading to unfavourable changes in DNA, wear and tear at the intercellular level due to accumulation of toxins, excess undigestible molecules, wear and tear at the extracellular level resulting from the accumulation of extracellular toxins, extracellular proteins causing loss of tissue elasticity. As can be seen, all these causes are closely linked to some major deficiencies in the diet.

Unhealthy eating is the great deviation from the laws of nature. Unhealthy food in which man eats too much fat or ingests too many synthetic chemicals, in which he consumes genetically modified foods, fast food, very salty foods, refined sugar, gradually leads to wear and tear of the body and to the appearance of so-called diseases of old age that seriously affect the quality of life. This is why a healthy, natural, vegetarian diet is a particularly valuable tool in maintaining a healthy body and ensuring a long and healthy life.