Dejun Kolath

Kollath Breakfast

Carmen Gheorghe

The name comes from the professor Kollath, dietician and doctor of medicine. His recipe makes wheat digestible without boiling it. It is very simple to prepare and the addition of fresh fruit enriches its nutritional value.

As ingredients we need:

 2-3 tablespoons whole wheat flour, freshly ground

 3-5 tablespoons water to cover the flour

 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice

 15-20 g dried fruit, possibly chopped

 100 g apples, grated just before use

 any other seasonal, well-ripened fruit

The milled wheat flour will be soaked overnight at room temperature ina larger pot, preferably glass or ceramic. InIn another bowl, soak the dried and chopped fruit for a few hours.  

By morning the flour will become a semi-firm, slightly fermented paste, over which, when we want to have breakfast, we will pour the fruit and the water in which it has been soaked. Add fresh lemon juice and freshly grated apples, together with other well-ripened and crushed seasonal fruit, or even carrots grated on a small grater. We can also add a few nuts, almonds, raw sesame seeds, sunflowers, honey, a few grains of pollen and cinnamon. The resulting mixture should be a paste, not very liquid.

Daily consumption of Kollath breakfast provides the following effects:

 Disappearance of signs of fatigue and exhaustion, which are indicative of toxin accumulation.

 Increase physical and intellectual efficiency.

 A feeling of general well-being as a result of a much better biological balance.

 Increases concentration power as the digestive system is no longer hampered by a heavy breakfast.

 Gives better resistance to stress or tension

 Constipation is eliminated

 Improves blood composition

 The complexion turns pink, without breakouts.

 The nails become shiny and stop breaking. So do hairs.

 Regulates weight harmoniously.

There is no limit to the fruit in the composition and it's up to us to make our breakfast a real treat.a delicious, different meal every morning. It's much easier to prepare and will take less time than an omelette for example. Plus, we'll feel energised and happy for at least four hours after eating it. In a few days the morning false hunger pangs and heaviness in the stomach will disappear.