Attitude in cancer




Natural therapies, often called gentle or complementary therapies, which are used for the treatment of cancer are obviously much more effective than classical allopathic therapies, because they have a healing and purifying effect both on the mental structure of the human being in question and on the body, since they annihilate and then and eliminate the very root causes that trigger the disease.

Long unaccepted by the current medical system, gentle therapeutic methods and complementary medicines play a crucial role in health.

Of all the serious illnesses in today's society, cancer is still a terrible affliction in the life of anyone who happens to face it. InAt such a crossroads in life, it is advisable to do whatever is necessary both to heal and eliminate bodily suffering and to regenerate ourselves inwardly.

Several studies have been conducted on this serious condition. Thus, s-has come to the following conclusions: if we take into account the 350,000 new cases of cancer that occur every year worldwide, mortality due to this chronic disease has nevertheless decreased over the last twenty years. Which shows at least some progress in this direction...

Today, there are an average of three million people who experience the terrible suffering of cancer in their lifetime. Although in cases-While the effectiveness of traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery for this disease is salutary, some of them are difficult to tolerate and are perceived as mutilating, not to mention not acting on the triggering cause. That is why alternative medicine (including herbal medicine, nutrition and natural dietetics), psychosomatic medicine, New German Medicine, therapeutic psychology, therapeutic sports and gymnastics, but especially spiritual practice all have their important role to play in the overall health, regeneration, purification and vitality of the human being.

The figures vary from study to study, but statistics show that one in two patients now chooses one of the alternative methods of medicine for therapy, as more and more cancer cases are being reported in hospitals.

With this article we will try to answer the following questions: how can one live with this disease and what are the alternative treatment methods that can be used alongside the classic treatments? How can the quality of life be increased, annihilating the fatigue and vital exhaustion inherent to this disease? How can the human being exist beyond the concrete reality of cancer? How can we make sense of this difficult ordeal, how can we find the physical, psychological and spiritual resources we need to overcome this disease?

In recent years, in hospitals in the West, it has beenhave extensively developed various herbal methods that have been adapted simultaneously, ina synergistic way, to the classical treatments used to treat cancer. But the range of these methods is still limited and is only in the vicinity of the allopathic medical approach, which is still the main treatment modality in hospitals. Here are the statements of some patients who are treated with specific methods at the naturopathic centre Resourcelocated in the French town of Aix en Provence, where about 50 volunteers work.


Silvia (mother of a 16-year-old teenager), who is a 55-year-old patient already suffering from her second cancer:

"In this hospital, everything is gathered in one place and the activities are extensive and accessible to all income levels." In fact, for a monthly fee of 30 euros, every patient has access to the swimming pool, the hamam (Turkish steam bath) and to almost 35 other individual or group therapeutic activities: to sophrology (medical discipline that involves strengthening the human being by bringing it intoa state of total physical and mental relaxation and through the use of certain exercises), osteopathy, facial or plantar reflexology, fasciotherapy, hypnosis, literary or aesthetic correction workshops, art therapy or modelling...

There is therefore a whole set of additional activities, entirely oriented towards achieving an improved state of health, which create a pleasant environment and atmosphere, necessary to overcome the suffering of traditional treatments. That's why Silvia doesn't hesitate to travel every week - especially to enjoy the intimate, familiar atmosphere of a home - to this natural treatment centre in Marseille, thousands of kilometres from the austere hospital corridors where people are treated by the classical allopathic method. "I don't-never liked to talk about my illness, because it is not a reason to praise it. But I must confess that in this naturopathic centre we feel the joy of living our lives again, but above all we seem to forget that we are here as patients. The feeling of being 'at home' is amazing, and is accompanied by a feeling of recharging and an individualised state of regeneration, which gives a deep sense of security. The people who help us are professional, willing people who are very familiar with the pathology of the disease we suffer from and the side effects and suffering we go through. This is why I carry out activities such as aquagym, a particular form of maintenance gymnastics practised in the water, which engages all the muscles, generating a deep oxygenation of the body and toning it. The water has a height that allows us to reach the bottom of the pool standing up and I feel safe in it.a physical activity that falls withinan appropriate way in my maintenance program. Sophrology or foot reflexology sessions are of immense support in eliminating the stress I feel in my current state. But the most important therapy is the supervision or psychological support session."