In the age-old tradition of Ayurveda Sinivali is known as a wonderful woman initiated into the knowledge of the mysteries of life and especially into the occult art of touch that generates life and energy. During her earthly life, Sinivali knew and mastered Ayurvedic obstetrics very well. Sinivali was known as a particularly gifted birth attendant. In her concrete actions, Sinivali was assisted in turn and acted in unison with Sarasvati.

Ayurvedic texts give some descriptions of the exceptional qualities Sinivali manifested in her role as a model being, illustrating the wonderful qualities that a female attendant who actively assists in the birth of a human being needs to manifest.

Traditionally, it is Sinivali that gives the first tactile sensation of caress to the newly born human being. Through this first protective touch the newthe born in this world receives in his being the subtle protective power of God's grace, manifested then through the gentle touch of Sinivali. The unassumingly gentle face of this wonderful woman pours out the grace of the Divine Mother to the human being just born into this world. Sinivali's beautiful arms give support, protection and a pleasant protective feeling of security when a soul comes into this physical world.

In Eastern tradition Sinivali is known as the companion of women in their first birth. She is depicted in a profoundly transfiguring way in Indian tradition. In Rig-The Veda (II, 32, 6) says of Sinivali that she has "extraordinarily beautiful arms and a face full of delight, and around her are a great number of children".

Sinivali is famous for having delivered many babies as a birth attendant, thanks to her deep knowledge of Ayurvedic science and her exceptional skill in helping women give birth easily. In Ayurveda, Sinivali is known as the one who helps women not to miscarry. A hymn from Rig-The Veda (X, 184, 2) contains the following verses: "O Sinivali, O Sarasvati, keep you, with your gentleness and love, the forming body of the unborn being in the protective home of its mother who-The gate".

Both Sarasvati and Sinivali are described in Eastern tradition as divine beings who appear in human form, manifesting certain divine endowments. They often manifest together, just like the two Ashvins in the Ayurvedic tradition. Both are women who show great devotion and compassion to all human beings.

Because of their exceptional endowments both Sarasvati and Sinivali were loved by human beings who adored the manifold manifestations of the Great Divine Mother and thus discovered in the two incarnations the manifestation of sublime aspects of the Divine Mother.

Sinivali manifests that aspect of the Divine Mother who is full of love for created beings and who protects them at their birth in the physical world.

Along with Sarasvati, who is known as the Goddess of wisdom and all wealth, prosperity and happiness, Sinivali is known as the Patroness par excellence. Sarasvati is the source of nourishment and is described as having large round and prolific breasts, with a delightful gait. Both Sinivali and Sarasvati belong to the group of beings endowed with divine qualities that are associated with procreation and also creativity in general (garbha-dhi). They often assisted the two Ashvins in their healing interventions.

Sinivali and Sarasvati together make up the pair of the two feminine governing entities of the two polar subtle channels (nadi) of being, namely ida-nadi and pingala-nadi. They are the ones that together cause the subtle energy of life to fully enter the de-along the two polar channels of the human being, namely ida-nadi and pingala-nadi at the time of birth. In this role Sarasvati is the one who opens the door to ida-nadi, which provides nourishment to the being, just as vak, the Supreme Word, is the food of sacred knowledge.

Sarasvati performs the role of the Goddess of the sublime word and the primordial vibration that nourishes beings. Sinivali is the opener of the solar channel, the pingala-nadi, the one who gives the human being the primordial impetus of its manifestation in this world, as an embodied being ina physical body.

Sinivali is also the one who teaches exemplary skill to all Ayurvedic practitioners and those who perform the role of companion in the act of healing.

In Ayurvedic tradition it is known that the touch of a healer is full of gentleness and skill. Sinivali is what makes possible the manifestation of the gesture that soothes, the hand movement that caresses, the touch of the fingers that helps and heals in an almost miraculous way.

Sinivali is the one who brings the comforting caress of the Divine Mother's hands, and Sarasvati brings the sweetness of the Divine Mother's comforting voice. Together they accompany and help the two Ashivinis.

It is also Sinivali who guides those who practice massage on young children, teachingand which moves are most appropriate in each situation. Sinivali guides Ayurvedic (abhyanga) massage practitioners on how to best feel through the palms of their hands how to work through the massage. It is she who assists those who learn the mystical science of reading the pulse of the being (nadi-vijnana).