Ayurveda Courses



Ayurveda activity in Romania is currently the most extensive and complex form of educational development, both theoretical and practical, that has been recorded in Europe in the last 27 years.

A few facts and figures on Ayurveda activity in Romania may be revealing to highlight the extent of Ayurveda already in Romania.

Ayurveda has been studied in Romania for over 27 years, in courses for adults which are organised and supported by AMN-Romania and which are held on a weekly basis, for a full year of study, from September of the year until July of the following year.

AMN Ayurveda courses are currently held in over 120 locations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The Ayurveda courses are also available in distance learning, online or offline.

Ayurveda Readers

Within AMN-Romania there is currently a team of more than 110 Ayurveda lecturers, with a rich knowledge in the field and with considerable practical experience. Each Ayurveda lecturer initially undergoes at least 3 years of prior training in Ayurveda through direct participation in AMN-Romania's Ayurveda courses.

The coordination of the team of Ayurveda lecturers within AMN-Romania is carried out by Andrei Gămulea and Aurora Nicolae, organizers of the Ayurveda courses and authors of the Ayurveda course syllabus and content, as well as authors of several Ayurveda papers.

During the 27 years of activity within AMN-Romania, more than 500 Ayurveda practitioners from Romania have trained and worked as Ayurveda lecturers. Many of them are doctors, pharmacists, biologists, researchers in different fields, engineers, chemists, technicians, teachers or artists.

aurveda courseParticipants

The training in Ayurveda allowed each participant to benefit from a real and surprising opportunity to deepen several professional skills in the main areas of professional activity, teaching and learning skills and a definite improvement of personal life in general.

AMN-Romania's Ayurveda courses bring together several thousand participants from Romania and the Republic of Moldova every year. During its 27 years of activity, more than 30,000 people have attended or graduated from different modules or sections of the Ayurveda courses organized by AMN-Romania every year from 1995 to 2021.


The AMN-Romania Ayurveda course covers over 35 traditional Ayurveda specialties, constituted in traditional Ayurveda study sections. Each section of the Ayurveda course includes several thematic chapters, which are made up of thematically specific course lessons. Currently, there are over 700 major thematic topics that are covered in the AMN-Romania Ayurveda course curriculum. Each of these major topics is allocated more than 30 hours for theoretical presentation, practical application and seminar in the Ayurveda course curriculum.


The yearly syllabus of each Ayurveda course section totals 120 to 150 hours of study and practical applications related to the subject matter. Each Ayurveda course lesson is designed by interweaving the presentation of various theoretical aspects specific to the subject, starting from the basic information existing in the traditional works of Ayurveda, with a series of specific practical applications which are illustrative of the aspects presented.

The distribution of the theoretical and practical parts in the AMN-Romania Ayurveda course lessons is approximately one part theory to two parts practice of the total time allocated to each weekly Ayurveda course. The practical part of the Ayurveda course includes specific applications and a dynamic, interactive seminar with questions and answers associated with practical applications tailored to the specific thematic issues addressed.