Ginger valuable remedy

Ginger - an effective natural remedy and a valuable spice

Adriana Dan, Ayurveda practitioner

Traditional use

Ginger, a natural spice of Asian origin, being used by the Chinese for over 2500 years in cooking as well as in medicine, has recently arrived in Romania. We enjoy the smell and the special flavour of ginger in food, but did you know that ginger root can be a remedy for countless ailments? Since when has 'l-I discovered", in our house is always present in the "first aid kit". To those who don't-know it yet, I will share with them the wonderful benefits it can bring to our lives.

Unique features

Ginger is a spice made from the tuber root of the Zingiber officinale plant, which grows in the rainforests of southern Asia. The spice has a slightly biting and hot note, with ginger's aroma being rich, sweet, warm and woody.

The name ginger comes from Sanskrit and means 'horn-shaped', due to its resemblance to a deer's horn.

Thanks to the aromatic molecules it contains, ginger and-has for centuries gained a reputation as an aphrodisiac herb for its invigorating virtues, with ginger syrup being a powerful booster of sexual function.

History of use

In the 15th centuryread, gingerbread sprinkled with ginger became a gift that symbolised love and respect. In the 19th centuryIn the old days, ginger was usually added to beer to give it a more aromatic taste.

In the 19th centuryIn English pubs, it was customary to keep a jar of ginger under the counter to flavour drinks, resulting in ginger beer.

Ginger beer then became very popular in America, but its popularity declined during Prohibition, when it began to be increasingly watered down, over time, ginger beer remained a non-alcoholic drink, nowadays it has fallen into anonymity.

Having conquered European cuisine as a spicy, pepper-like condiment, it has also found its way into cosmetics, and more recently is being used for therapeutic purposes. Ginger can be a good ally, along with a healthy diet and physical activity, in the fight against unwanted pounds.

Ghimir is useful for fat burning

There are many ways ginger can help you burn fat; it helps lower cholesterol levels and stimulates the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids. Ginger also increases metabolism thanks to substances that stimulate gastric enzymes. The better and more active your metabolism, the more fat you will burn.

There are many ways you can include ginger in your diet: you can flavour your favourite dishes with a little ginger, have a lukewarm ginger tea in the evening or take ginger supplements.

An excellent balancer

Nausea caused by pregnancy or travelling by various means of transport can be relieved by ginger root. It is known for its ability to soothe an irritated stomach and stimulate bile flow. Ginger reduces acidity in the stomach, which leads to a decrease in the rate of gastric secretions and increased activity of digestive enzymes. This will relieve stomach cramps and improve circulation. Arthritis sufferers should know that ginger oil massage relieves pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger, especially as a liquid preparation, has always been used to relieve heartburn as well as symptoms of colds and allergies. It is also a good analgesic against menstrual pain.

Modern studies

Numerous studies by American doctors and researchers have shown that ginger can be an effective alternative in the treatment of ovarian cancer and can prevent the formation of colon cancer. Specialists point out that for thousands of years ginger has been administered especially to patients with rheumatoid arthritis, its anti-inflammatory action recommendingl successfully to this category of patients. Phytotherapists have found that, unlike allopathic medicines, ginger relieves this group of sufferers from the side effects of long-term medication - especially stomach ulcers.

Research continues to show how the plant can neutralise inflammatory acids in joints. So the Indian proverb that says "Every good quality is contained in ginger" is fully true.