Exhibition Ramnicu Valcea


Ayurveda at the Beauty Fair

and lifestyle


Gabriel Dragan, lecturer in Ayurveda AMN-Romania


Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 October 2018, National Association for the Promotion of Non-Conventional Medicines, AMN-Romania, participated in the Health and Lifestyle Fair - Râmnicu Vâlcea.

This event s-held at Shopping City in Râmnicu Vâlcea for two days and offered visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional Ayurvedic ways of maintaining and regaining health.

On this occasion, several reference works published in the field of Ayurveda in Romania were presented.

The first volume of the work entitled "Ayurveda in Romania", which was published by Embassy of India in Romania in collaboration with AMN Romania (AMN Publishing 2018).

Selective Systematic Ayurvedic Index, volumes 1 and 2, is a work that allows the optimal and quick selection of the most suitable medicinal plants, among those contained in this volume, which show healing properties of a certain type (publisher "AYUS").

Modern dictionary of Sanskrit terms used in AyurvedaA systematic exposition of the meanings of 1400 Sanskrit terms commonly used in the traditional Ayurveda system (AYUS Publishing).

At the stand that was located in the gallery Shopping City details of the traditional use of medicinal plants, about the importance of Ayurvedic constitutional typology in the prevention and treatment of functional imbalances of the body, about the role of a lacto-ovo-vegetarian appropriate in maintaining health, as well as other specific topics unconventional medicines.

The questions of the visitors were answered by Ayurveda specialists and Ayurveda lecturers who werehave dedicated more than 15 years to the systematic study and deepening of traditional Indian knowledge of life within the courses organised by AMN-Romania.