The great wise and liberated Atreya,

who revealed to people the sacred Science of Life, Ayurveda

In the Eastern spiritual tradition, the sage Atreya is well known as a great spiritual achiever and healer who revealed to human beings the fundamental truths contained within the Sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda). Most of his wisdom-filled expositions contain a wealth of practical elements, particularly useful for the aspirant who seeks to penetrate the mysteries of the manifestation of the fundamental life energy in the human being. His teachings have been recorded and s-have preserved especially in the famous Ayurveda work "Charaka-samhita", a work which, together with other great traditional Ayurvedic writings, represents the treasury of knowledge handed down to us today, thousands of years ago.

Ayurvedic tradition states that the teaching of the Sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda) was first transmitted into the mystical realm of divine godlike beings, starting from Brahma, God's aspect of the Creator of the Universe, to Daksha, the exponent of God's manifesting Will, then through the two Ashvins, the couple of heavenly divine healers, and then by Indra, the divine ruler of the realm of godlike beings. Indra is the one who revealed the sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda) to the people through the sage and yogi Bharadvaja and then the great sage and spiritual achiever Atreya.

The sage Atreya is the first human being to give people the science and art of spiritual healing, which was received through initiation, via the yogi and sage Bharadvaja, from the godlike beings. It is precisely because of his exceptional ability to make accessible to people the very deep and complex aspects of the manifestation of life, and also because of the endless compassion he has shown -a face of people, being ina constant state of communion with the Great Cosmic Power of divine compassion Tara, the wise Atreya was the favourite of the two celestial healers Ashvins and the Great God and divine inspirer Indra, who had himhave guided andhave always supported in what he achieved during his earthly life, inan exemplary state of compassion for people. This is why in Ayurvedic tradition the sage Atreya is known as the being who provided the link between the mystical god realm and the human world. In this regard, sage Hemachandra states that, quote, "Just as the name Atri, from which Atreya's name is derived, is symbolic of the first vital bodily constituent in the microcosm of the human being, and which is known in Ayurveda as the Rasa-dhatu, likewise the sage Atreya is, in his own way, the manifester of the fundamental energy of the transformative initiatory beginning in terms of understanding the deep spiritual aspects and the innumerable revealed mysteries of the Science of Life (Ayurveda), as well as the one who revealed to people a multitude of natural means of healing, which God-has made available to the knowledgeable and intelligent, through the gifts of Nature, healing plants, natural foods, water, earth, fire, air and the subtle ether".

As is clear from the etymology of his name, the sage Atreya is the exponent of the transformative power of the energy of the beginning, which is present in the sacred act of spiritual initiation, which he offered-to all those who wanted to learn the mysteries of the Sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda). The Ayurvedic tradition mentions that most of sage Atreya's expositions were structured as a dialogue between the teacher and his students, based on the questions that were structured in the minds of the aspirants for knowledge, in that spiritual initiatory framework of more than 5000 years ago.

In his expositions, the sage Atreya reveals the mysteries of the manifestation of life in human beings, and how human beings can, through aknowledge and proper practice, to live a long life, in aalmost continuous health and happiness and wisely avoid suffering from illness or old age. From the very beginning of his exposition, the sage Atreya describes the divine purpose of the knowledge of the Sacred Science of Life: "Because the Sacred Science of Life (Ayurveda) is beneficial to humanity, both for the life that is unfolding in this physical world and for the life that is to come in the of the worlds or, in other words, the subtle spheres or realms in which the spiritual being will continue to exist after leaving the physical plane, which is why Ayurveda is considered by the wise connoisseurs of the sacred writings to be of inestimable practical and spiritual value at the same time". This is why the sage Atreya reveals each time he expounds the fundamental truths about a certain type of human suffering, which takes the form of a particular disorder or disease, and the subtle key-spirituality of the situation. Knowing this secret key then allows us to understand the causal mechanisms that lead to the manifestation of each type of disorder. This is a fundamental spiritual aspect of his teaching. In the light of these revelations, the revelation of the spiritual meaning of a particular disease situation leads to a profound spiritual integration of the healing that follows, conferringi thus a full and deep dimension.

Through the revelations given by the great sage Atreya, people can understand that high spiritual states can be awakened and amplified in the being in order to bring about a broad and deep transformation of the human being. This transformation can then lead to the healing of the human body, mind or soul. All these beneficial transformations take place in accordance with the manifestation of the universal principle of similarity (samanya), which is in fact the very Law of Occult Resonance that has been revealed in all its aspects in the Roman School of Yoga.

The teachings of the great sage Atreya make us understand that by cultivating higher spiritual states such as love, spiritual aspiration, courage, kindness, selflessness, compassion, detachment, happiness, contentment, spiritual discipline, deep understanding, perfect self-control of mind and senses, intuition, intelligence, higher knowledge, dedication to God, and knowing the deep correspondences between these states and the subtle vital energies manifesting in the microcosm of the human being, the initiate can intervene in the spiritual state of the human effective way both for its own well-being and that of its fellow human beings.

To one who has deeply walked through and understood the teachings of the great sage and liberated Atreya, all manifestations of life are revealed as expressions of divine will and wisdom and also wonderful opportunities to understand the totality and omnipresence of God's unique and infinite being. Every act of healing, from the smallest seemingly bodily discomfort to the emergence from prolonged states of physical, mental or psychic suffering, can reveal to us, through the truths expounded by the sage Atreya, the mysterious and ineffable aspects through which God manifests in a distinct way his divine transforming power, impellingand, often in the most seemingly unexpected ways, people to evolve spiritually. The great sage Atreya generously and divinely gave people a vast and valuable teaching that can be put into practice just like any other spiritual discipline, even under the difficult conditions of dealing with the shortcomings of suffering, imbalance or illness. Through the spiritual teachings thus offered, the sage Atreya gave people the means of healing and spiritual transformation that are applicable even in the difficult conditions of suffering. The Ayurvedic methods revealed by the sage Atreya are also spiritual ways of shaping and beneficially transforming the consciousness of the one who practices them correctly. They thus enable the persevering practitioner to achieve the proper self-awareness that is realized from aa deeply spiritual perspective and througha constant, longing invocation of God's compassionate guidance and help.

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