Ayurvedic Nutrition Module 1

Ayurvedic Nutrition Module 1


The training program in applied Ayurvedic practical nutrition is designed to have immediate applicability by targeting personal nutritional parameters and awareness of participants' personal eating habits, with the aim of providing opportunities towards certain lifestyle improvement through applied Ayurvedic nutrition.

From the topics covered in this module:

🍎 Importance of the principle of adequacy (satmya) in Ayurvedic nutrition

In order to benefit from a good physical, mental and spiritual condition in relation to nutrition, it is essential to match, in other words, the adequacy between what we are and what we use in our current diet. In Ayurveda, this principle of adequacy in nutrition is called Satmya.

🧬 Knowledge of personal constitutional typology

In approaching nutrition, it is not only the food that matters, but also how it adapts to our constitutional particularities. This can be done by determining your personal Ayurvedic constitutional type, known as dosha-prakriti.

🔥 Doshas and their role in determining behaviour

The determination of Ayurvedic constitutional typologies is based on three forms of vital energy, called doshas: vata-dosha, pitta-dosha and kapha-dosha. These determine different behaviours, both in the external and internal, organic environment.

🍽️ Tailoring nutrition to constitutional type

Each Ayurvedic constitutional type has a specific way of using and utilizing food in daily consumption. This specific structuring influences the shape of the body and its physiology. Two human beings with different Ayurvedic constitutional types can use the same types of food, but will experience different effects on the body.

⚖️ Correlating ideal weight with Ayurveda

Modern formulas for determining ideal weight based on height, age and gender, as well as calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) are interpreted and correlated with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. This correlation allows a more precise nuancing of health standards in relation to ideal weight for each Ayurvedic constitutional type.