Factors favouring longevity

Some scientific conclusions on longevity-promoting factors


A significant study

A thorough scientific study, spanning 80 years of continuous research, has produced remarkable results on the factors that promote long life.

In this study, the lives of 1500 people, aged 10 at the start of the experiment, were followed by researchers over eight decades, with the final conclusions drawn by them after analysing a wealth of information collected during this time.


The study shows that what prolongs the life of a human being is not only the long-term and preferred focus of the human being's attention on health.

Among the factors that favourably influence longevity are a number of other personal traits as well as a certain lifestyle favour. Also favourable to longevity is the predominant professional activity, which must be constant and perfectly compatible with the general traits of the human being in question.

But the most important common trait observed in long-lived people is conscientiousness. Constant professional activity, work done with passion and a lively concern are aspects that make human beings happier and maintain their general state of balance. These aspects are also combined with the need for harmonious and stable interpersonal relationships, all of which lead to a certain increase in longevity.


The researchers thus recognised that all these favourable conditions noted in the subjects participating in the study fall within the spectrum of specific attributes which, in the age-old science of Ayurveda, characterise the harmonious manifestation in the human being of the third subtle vital force, namely kapha dosha.

The steadiness and stability that are specific to kapha dosha thus counterbalance the natural tendency that usually leads to an increase in the influence of vata dosha in the being during the so-called third age. In this way, the human being can maintain the state of balance of the three dosha system in his inner universe, which leads to a definite promotion of longevity.