Agreement with one's own nature

How can we live ina better

agreement with our own nature through Ayurveda



In modern terms, AYURVEDA refers to India's traditional system of natural healing. In direct translation from Sanskrit, the word AYUR means 'life' and the word VEDA means 'science', so AYURVEDA means 'THE SCIENCE OF LIFE', which is much more than a healing system. As a "Science of Life", AYURVEDA encompasses not only methods for maintaining health, but it is a summum of ancient wisdom that gives us the fundamental principles of a true art of living well, so that we can be healthy and happy.

With all the achievements of modern technology and the facilities it offers us today, it is easy to see that we, the people of the 21st century, are no healthier, no longer alive and no happier than the people who lived on Earth 4000 years ago. If we re-read the pages of the Old Testament, or the verses of the Ramayana (the epic of India's legendary hero Rama) or the Iliad, we will notice that the heroes of those times lived well over a hundred years (which is a rarity today), and we will also notice that although they had a code of life that included certain very strictly observed principles, the more they knew how to cherish life and totaste the full flavour. Remember-only by King David, Solomon or the wise King Janaka.

What have we lost, that we seem to be, besides the people of that time, epigones? It seems that all the searchingwe have lost our own happiness, we have even lost the keys to happiness. Wanting more and more freedom, fewer and fewer restrictions, more and more comforts, people have done nothing but toand standardize life, to desacralize and trivialize it. Because they have mistakenly sought more "freedom" on the material plane, forgetting that the essence of freedom is spiritual and its source is communion with God the Father, and this communion cannot be achieved in the absence of strictly observed rules of life, rules that derive from aa divine wisdom and not dictated by a limited human mind. Such wisdom-filled advice is revealed to people by certain exceptional human beings, who arehave spiritually known the Heavenly Father, God.

So here we are, ignoring the spiritual dimension of life and "liberatingthe fundamental natural rules that it imposes, humans have done nothing but toand lose the very living joy of living on this earth. The formal rules that we stillhave kept s-have over time, for the most part, turned into dogmas or superstitions, losingand the essence of divine wisdom and the deep understanding that underpinned them.

The result is that, although very rigid, compliance with them does not bring happiness at all, only immense frustration. This is also the reason why many people have given them up altogether, without being happier or healthier, because they-replaced by blind libertarianism or arbitrary or absurd rules of life, which only reflect the ceiling of the common human mind. This is why we believe that it is urgently necessary for modern man to return to a wise way of life, guided by the principles of traditional wisdom, but this time understanding them in spirit and not just in letter, for "the letter kills, while the spirit gives life".


In AYURVEDEI's view, a man's way of living must be in close accordance with his particular structure. There is a very close connection between a man's physical appearance, behaviour and character. Knowing as well as possible what are the characteristics of the constitutional types as described (ina very detailed and precise way) in AYURVEDA, it is often enough to look closely for a few minutes at a human being in order toWe could intuit his character, the health problems he is likely to face and also know what behaviour we might expect from him in certain circumstances.

Also, knowingWe will be able to know, for example, what pace of life is best for us to adopt, what food is best for us to choose at any given time, what clothes are good for us and what profession we can choose, in order to be most successful and to have a harmonious and healthy life. We will also be able to understand why certain people attract us, why others displease us and with which of them it is best to create and maintain a relationship. Based onon Ayurvedic teachings, we will be able to figure out what is most pleasing to the being we love, according to its constitutional type, and what is most unpleasant for it. In this way, many of the so-called petty quarrels of everyday life will disappear, as will the often quite serious problems that arise when people do notand understand each other's behaviour and motivations. By assimilating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, we will be able to know which way of life is best to adopt ina certain season, and what we can do to avoid getting sick. These are just some of the results of the self-knowledge that AYURVEDA offers. This self-knowledge is an absolutely necessary first step for anyone who wishes to approach this traditional science theoretically and practically.

For example, we can briefly say that if you are a robust, calm, patient person then your constitutional type is predominantly KAPHA. If, on the other hand, you are a person of medium body size, dynamic, impulsive, quick to move and very efficient in what you do, then you are predominantly PITTA. And if you are a person of a rather frail, thin or weak physical constitution, you are sensitive and influential, you are highly resourceful but have difficulty in getting things done, you are characterised by the predominant VATA constitutional type. Of course, there are also mixed types, which arise through combinations in various proportions of these main characteristics.


If you are a predominantly KAPHA type person, although your structure is solid, you need to be careful during cold and wet periods (winter or rainy autumn periods) as you are prone to colds. If you already have a cold and your nose is runny, a mixture of ground ginger root (if not available, it can be replaced by peppercorns) mixed with honey in equal proportions will be of real use, provided you do not have a fever. If you already have a temperature, it is preferable to take a teaspoonful of dried chamomile or mousetail flower powder.

If you are a predominantly PITTA person, you need to pay particular attention to hot (summer) periods. Then you will need to eat cool (but not excessively cold) and sweet foods such as peaches, apricots, red melons and cucumbers. Hot spices (pepper, chilli, ginger, etc.) and excessively sour foods are not recommended. It will be necessary to avoid excessive exposure to the strong sun and to be as sober in thought and action as possible.

If you are a predominantly VATA person you will need to pay particular attention to periods when the weather is dry and cold (such as in autumn and winter in freezing weather). It is then necessary to keep out of the cold, wear warm clothes and drink as many warm liquids as possible. Linseed or sesame seed powder mixed with honey is very useful. Massaging with natural oils also helps us get through these difficult times of the year.