Herbal powders



Known and applied in practice for over 5000 years, the ancient science of life - AYURVEDA - offers us some simple and natural, highly effective methods of using plants with healing properties for therapeutic purposes. One of these is the use of medicinal and aromatic plants in powder form.

Most plants with healing properties can be administered in powder form. In fact, this method is not unknown. For example, the use of powdered ground spice plants is a practical way we often use when preparing soups or other dishes that we want to be as tasty and enjoyable as possible.

Come to think of it, it's not uncommon for us to catch ourselves tasting a bit of the multicoloured spice powders we have in our kitchen. Whether it's the well-known pepper or salt powders, or whether we're drawn to the aromatic powders of spices such as coriander, mustard, paprika, dill, dill, parsley or parsley, or whether we want to taste the aromatic powders of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, fennel or aniseed, or whether we are captivated by the powder of mint, basil, basil or sage, every time we taste a little of these aromatic powders, something special, pleasant and refreshing happens, both for our appetite and for our senses. By whetting the appetite and improving digestion, delightingOur senses and mind, spice plant powders make us discover the healing power hidden in them.

Whenever we want a dish to be as enjoyable, tasty and full of flavour as possible, we are motivated to sprinkle a little of one or more of the flavours we know and like. Sometimes our curiosity drives us to put a little vanilla or cinnamon powder on our tongues, or to chew a few pieces of basil leaves to anticipate the flavour they will give to the food we put them in. We are often amazed and delighted by their warmth, flavour or aroma. At other times, we are tempted to taste a bit of mint leaf powder and immediately feel a pleasant coolness and a refreshing aroma floods our whole being.

Certainly, the aromas of chopped or ground plants taken in moderation improve both our body and mind. So why not consider using this extremely simple way - use of herbal powder - to highlight, in this way, as many as possible of the beneficial medicinal plants that we know have certain healing properties?

In ancient Ayurvedic science there are countless examples of formulas, some simple, others more complex, based on the use of dried plants in powder form to relieve and cure imbalances, disorders or diseases.

In order to obtain the powder of a plant, it is necessary to have at one's disposal several dry plants of the same kind, whose useful parts have already been selected, such as the root in the case of burdock, the leaves in the case of mint, the flowers in the case of chamomile, the fruits in the case of aniseed, the seeds in the case of fenugreek, the buds in the case of fir. Herbal powder can then be easily obtained either with a grinder or an electric grinder by finely grinding the selected parts, which have been previously shredded. The resulting powder can be used immediately or stored in a cool place.a closed container for later use.

The way to administer the powders is very simple: a pinch to a teaspoon of herbal powder is placed under the tongue, moistened slightly, possibly with a little water, and then the powder is kept under the tongue for between 3 and 20 minutes, depending on the herbs used. Practical experience has shown that this method of administration is particularly effective in the rapid relief of a large number of unbalanced states, because it brings out both the physical properties of the plants and the subtle properties of theinvisible energy, even if this aspect is perhaps less known to most people.

Here is an example. If we are ina state of over-excitement after a hectic and demanding day, and the state we are in does not allow us to fall asleep to rest, we can choose some plants that help us to regain our peace and inner peace, such as linden blossoms, poppy seeds, or sulphur flowers. The powder of these plants can be combined in equal proportions, and then it will be placed and held under the tongue for 5 to 10 minutes.10 minutes. This simple formula has a calming effect and helps reduce the tendency to insomnia.