Purification cures

Natural cures to purify the body

Monica Benedicta, Ayurveda lecturer

Since ancient times, wise men have observed that when people pay too much attention to the pleasure of eating and end up with dangerous excesses, they put themselves at risk of illness. Generally speaking, body poisoning or body loading is an accumulation of toxins in the body and is caused by bad eating habits: eating more food than the body needs, eating incompatible foods (milk with fish, pickles with jam, meat with fruit, etc.) at the same meal.In these situations, the body's digestive capacity is exceeded, and toxic products are produced which end up in the body in a very short time.an amount that exceeds the body's normal elimination capacity.

Natural detoxification of the body is the process by which the body eliminates spontaneously or by natural processes the metabolic degradation products that have accumulated in the body, through the elimination organs kidneys, digestive tract, gall bladder, sweat glands. When the filtering threshold of the detoxifying organs is exceeded, toxic substances become trapped in various tissues and organs, and over time can lead to chronic diseases such as haemorrhoids, acne, obesity, atherosclerosis or hepatic steatosis.

Before these illnesses start, there are signs of toxin loading in the body, such as undue tiredness, apathy, excessive sleepiness, tiredness on waking, frequent headaches, heavy limbs, a tongue full of sticky whitish, yellowish or greyish deposits, the need to eat a lot of sweets, heavy, fried or excessively spicy foods, strong and unpleasant smell of faeces, urine and sweat.

To help the body get rid of accumulated toxins, so-called detoxification cures are recommended, such as:

Black Lent

Black fasting, fasting or the so-called "zero calorie diet" is the simplest diet that many endocrinology and nutrition clinics are now using. It is the most effective means of cleansing the body and has been practised for over 2500 years, with ancient followers including Hippocrates, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Plutarch. By abstaining from food, the digestive organs are put to rest and the tissues are invigorated by burning toxins that exist there. It can be approached at the recommendation and under the supervision of a specialist. Depending on the state of vitality of the body, black fasting cures of 1 -3 days per week are recommended, during which time only water should be consumed, in quantities of about 2-3 litres per day.

Fresh fruit or vegetable juice cures

They are very suitable because they are an important source of vitamins, minerals and sugars (glucose, levulose and fructose), easily assimilated, which give energy to the brain, facilitating its activity of receiving and redirecting information, alkalizing due to organic acids that are metabolized in the body in alkaline salts, diuretic, due to its high water content, anti-cancer, astringent, due to its high content of tannins, which is particularly characteristic of blueberries, quinces and quinces, and laxative, particularly of fruits and vegetables rich in ballast, such as pears, apricots and plums.

The juices should be consumed starting in the morning on an empty stomach, then we will intersperse them between meals, but on an empty stomach. Cooked food should be eaten at least half an hour after drinking the juices. The more juice consumed, the faster the effect. Juices should only be made from ripe, healthy fruit. The juices should be kept cold for a maximum of 12 hours, after which they lose their therapeutic and nutritional value.

The carrot juice should be drunk in quantities of 200 ml per day, in the morning on an empty stomach, for 3 weeks, after which a 7-day break should be taken. It is the richest source of easily assimilable vitamin A and contains significant amounts of vitamin B2, C, E, D, F, and the minerals K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe. It stimulates appetite and aids digestion, heals gastrointestinal ulcerous formations, dissolves cancerous formations, and is also a valuable aid in maintaining the bone structure of the teeth. Pregnant women should drink carrot juice in the last months of pregnancy. It is also indicated in hepato-biliary and dermatological diseases.

Alfalfa juice is indicated in diseases of the arteries and heart.

Lettuce juice nourishes the hair root, is rich in K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, Si, and P. Mix with carrot and alfalfa juice. After carrot and alfalfa, it ranks third in nutritional value for replenishing nerve cells and tissues. Contains almost all vitamins.

Asparagus juice has an alkaloid asparagine, with diuretic action, and is especially recommended in combination with carrot (do not drink undiluted). It is useful in kidney disorders and endocrine dysfunction. Helps break down oxalates in nephritis.

Beetroot juice, is very indicated in rebuilding red blood cells, and blood in general. Drunk more than one glass at a time, undiluted, it can make you nauseous and dizzy due to its intense purifying effect. Therefore, the amount of juice should be gradually increased according to individual tolerance, up to 2 glasses a day. In menopause, it has a longer-lasting and more effective effect than synthetic hormones. The ratio of Ca to Na helps to keep calcium in soluble form so that it does not form deposits in the blood vessels. It is indicated in anaemia, tuberculosis, gout, demineralisation.

Lemon juice has an antioxidant effect and action against free radicals. Helps dissolve stones, and in the cleansing of the gall bladder, kidneys, prostate, and sex glands. It can also be taken when children are growing up, gastric ulcers (only in undiluted form), fatigue, convalescence.

Celery juice from raw leaves is recommended in cures against obesity, tuberculosis, rheumatic diseases, lung diseases, impotence.

Cucumber juice is known to be a good diuretic. In combination with carrot juice, it helps to remove uric acid from the body, also this combination helps to prevent hair loss, nail cracking, tooth and gum disease.

Dandelion juice is a valuable tonic, helps detoxify the liver and kidneys, is useful in anti-obesity cures, is a good nerve tonic due to the magnesium it contains, and strengthens bones.

Andive juice is very nourishing for the optic nerve and the muscular system, and is a good regulator of bile secretion. In combination with carrot and celery juice, it helps in asthma and guttural, and in combination with celery and parsley, it is useful in anaemia and cardiac functional disorders.

Garlic juice helps disperse mucus from the sinuses, bronchi and lungs, stimulates appetite, gastric secretion, and diuresis. It is considered a natural antibiotic, boosts immunity, reduces cholesterol, and helps eliminate intestinal parasites.

Horseradish juice, in combination with lemon juice and water, dissolves sinus mucus.

Parsley juice, mixed with carrot or celery juice, lettuce, and spinach, helps to regulate adrenal and thyroid function, to eliminate kidney and gallstones, it is also useful in eye diseases such as: corneal ulcers, cataracts, conjunctivitis.

Radish juice is extracted from the leaves and root, and combined with carrot juice to remove mucus from the sinuses. It is also indicated in biliary and renal lithiasis.

Cranberry juice is useful in colitis and in treating chronic urinary tract infections.

Grapefruit juice is indicated in fatigue, anorexia, liver failure, and in vascular fragility.

Apple juice is indicated in rheumatic diseases, gout, constipation and asthenia.

Orange juice is useful in atherosclerosis, fever, convalescence and in the growing period in children.

Grape juice contains flavonoids, which have an antioxidant role. It is indicated in rheumatic diseases, biliary and renal lithiasis, obesity.

Red chard juice is indicated in anorexia, asthenia, chronic intoxication, fatigue, atherosclerosis, rheumatic diseases, biliary and renal lithiasis.

The ovo-lacto-vegetarian, or vegetarian, diet, identical to the Christian fast, also has a powerful detoxifying effect on the body.

Detoxifying herbs, such as dandelion, birch, aloe, chicory should be taken in parallel, as a sublingual powder or as a cold macerate.

In parallel, we will cut out foods containing food additives, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. By applying these cures over and over again, we will achieve good physical, mental, emotional and mental tone and perfect health.