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Pramana-Vidhi represents in the tradition of Ayurveda system "ayurvedic approach to knowledge processes" and plays an essential role in developing a correct understanding and correct practical application of Ayurveda principles.

In the Ayurvedic tradition there are three main forms of knowledge that describe the different ways of acquiring information and understanding the world around us. Each main form of knowledge has its own specificity. Depending on the context, human beings may use one or more forms of knowledge to orient themselves and interact in the world around them.


Apta or aptopadesha is "knowledge from authentic sources". This form of knowledge comes from sources considered to be reliable or trustworthy, such as the traditional texts of Ayurveda.


Pratyaksha is perceptive knowledge. This form of knowledge is based on direct perception through the five senses or perception through instrumental awareness.


Anumana represents the direction of inferential knowledge. This form of knowledge involves deduction, reasoning and the use of derived intellectual tools such as comparison and analysis.


The thematic seminar with general participation Pramana-Vidhi organized within the framework of the activity of promoting the Traditional Knowledge of Life (Ayurveda) in Romania is the result and the consequence of the need for a thorough training in the field of Ayurveda carried out both within AMN-Romania and the Ayush-Cell-Romania Ayurveda specialization centers.

The Pramana-Vidhi online seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Ayurveda.

The specialist training in the field of traditional Ayurvedic knowledge methods is mainly aimed at improving the level of training of Ayurvedic practitioners who are currently working in large numbers in Romania. Pramana-Vidhi is a traditional branch of Ayurvedic knowledge dedicated to the methodology of study and self-knowledge and can be a preparatory stage for participation in the annual events of the AMN-Romania Ayurveda Competitions.

The Pramana-Vidhi training activity is a complementary activity that complements the Ayurveda courses that are carried out within AMN-Romania.

All those who intend to participate in the annual Ayurveda Competition organized by AMN-Romania can benefit from the formative and shaping aspects that are included in the traditional Ayurvedic field of Pramana-Vidhi.

Following several requests, especially from those who have relatively recently started the systematic study of Ayurveda, a number of essential information has been selected that may be useful for an application-oriented presentation that includes basic traditional elements on how to approach knowledge according to the traditional teachings that the millenary system of Ayurveda provides.


The International Ayurveda Competition is organised by AMN-Romania in the first half of each calendar year and brings together participants from Romania and many other countries of the world, including India.

The annual Ayurveda contest organized by AMN-Romania is conducted according to the main directions of knowledge traditionally described in Ayurveda. In the pages of the amnromania.ro website the Ayurveda Contest topics of previous years are reviewed. The structure of Ayurveda Competitions of previous years is also indicated.

The AMN-Romania Ayurveda Competition is not just a simple knowledge validation event or, in other words, a set of Ayurveda tests, but has been put together on the basis of a modelling structure to improve the general level of training and to beneficially shape the consciousness of each participant. The questions are best not approached in the classical, more or less inwardly tense manner, in which the participant aims only to answer correctly what he knows and to avoid what is less familiar.

The Ayurveda competition is primarily a training event for each participant. This annual event is designed to provide participants with an important opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of Ayurveda. In the AMN-Romania Ayurveda Competition such consolidation can be achieved in a way that is practical, direct and interactive.

Andrei Gamulea, Ayurveda lecturer AMN-Romania

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