Ayurveda Congress 2021

International Ayurveda Congress AMN-Romania 

January 24, 2021, Sunday, 11:00 AM 

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The International Ayurveda Congress AMN-Romania edition 2021 with the theme “Applications of interdisciplinary research in personal and assisted Ayurvedic practice”, will take place online on January 24, 2021, Sunday, starting with 11:00 (Romanian time). The program and the access link for the Ayurveda Congress will be communicated on Friday, January 22, 2021 to all those interested by email. Registrations can be made at the email address ayurveda@amnromania.ro.




SECTION 1 (Pratipada) – introductory presentation

  1. Presentation of the program of the Ayurveda Congress AMN-Romania 2021 – Andrei Gămulea, president of AMN-Romania Introductory speech on the occasion of the Ayurveda Congress AMN-Romania 2021 given by His Excellency Mr. Rahul Shrivastava, Ambassador of India to Romania
  2. Achievements and perspectives within the collaboration between India and Romania in the field of Ayurveda – Andrei Gămulea
  3. Ayurvedic tradition – a saving solution for the future – Aurora Nicolae, vice-president of AMN-Romania
  4. Current directions of interdisciplinary research approached within AMN-Romania – Andrei Gămulea


SECTION 2 (Achara) – Personal and assisted Ayurvedic practice

  1. The effects of shirodhara therapy in post-traumatic stress syndrome – Dalia Faur Ayurvedic
  2. Ayurvedic ways for prevention of viral infections and recovery from viral infections – Aurora Repede
  3. Therapy of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis with the help of apitherapy and Ayurvedic remedies (clinical case) – Mirela Stranț
  4. Ayurvedic methods and remedies used in respiratory infections – Monica Pașcalău
  5. Results in the treatment with medicinal herbs in two cases of diabetes (prameha-roga) – Carla Fabian


SECTION 3 (Samshodhana) – Approaching Ayurveda through interdisciplinary research methods

  1. Informational differences between sugar, honey and heated honey – Cristina Cîmpean and Felicien Hoțiu
  2. An Ayurvedic psycho-behavioral analysis of the relational interactions between high school students – Florentina Baciu Ayurvedic methods in holistic dentistry – Eszter Mogyorós
  3. A comparative analysis of the concept of flow (dravakara) in Ayurvedic tradition and in modern science – Ion Marin


SECTION 4  (Paddhati) – Modern applications of traditional Ayurvedic methods

  1. Differentiation of detoxification cures according to Ayurvedic constitutional typologies (dosha-prakriti) – Monica Pașcalău Applications of traditional Ayurvedic balancing methods for vata-dosha – Nina Marin
  2. Applications of Ayurvedic pancha-karma methods in menstrual control – Doris Oargă
  3. Observations on the effects of vajikarana Ayurvedic remedies towards the harmonization of couple relationships – Monica Pașcalău


SECTION 5 (Nidana) – Modern applications of the Ayurvedic diagnosis

  1. Rules of patient care in conventional medicine from the perspective of the Ayurveda system – Victor Modval
  2. Implement of the principles of Ayurvedic diagnosis in bioresonance examinations – Sigismund Papp
  3. Ayurvedic modalities applied in the current medical practice – Stefania Ciucu
  4. Use of the nidana-panchaka diagnostic system in primary, secondary and tertiary prophylaxis – Sigismund Papp


SECTION 6 (Aushadha) – Practical observations on some Ayurvedic remedies

  1. Practical observations on the use of bee honey in Ayurvedic remedies – Mirela Stranț
  2. Uses of cocoa mass (Theobroma cacao) in making of some vajikarana kind formulas – Carmen Munteanu
  3. The beneficial effects of using the bakuci herb (Psoralea corylifolia) through Ayurvedic methods – Nina Marin
  4. Examples of use of Ayurvedic apiphytotherapeutic remedies for pets – Paula Florea